vanguard motor sales complaints

We are glad to know you trust and are pleased with the work done on the car and were willing to spend the time to tell others. If I had went to Michigan and looked at the car I would of never looked twice at any price so, I could of saved myself a lot of grief but, thought they were honest people. OK, no problem. He refused and Vanguard did not buy back the vehicle. After 16 months of relentless harassment Vanguard Auto Sales agreed to buy back the vehcile from Mr. Stout on the condition that he would cease any further action against Vanguard. Cons: Poor communication, when something was needed that was missing NO ONE called to tell me, NO ONE gave me the same answer twice, never experience a worse runaround for anything in my life. After waiting for 2 weeks still can not get my money back from the account I did not ask to invest to. Alphabet naturally required a letter from Vanguard stating that I actually was a stockholder, and to my surprise, Vanguard refused to provide it, effectively depriving me of my stockholder rights. 10/19/2017. We are experts at worldwide shipping, and have exported many vehicles overseas. With Schwab, I have always gotten through right away to a human who is knowledgeable and who efficiently and courteously handles my business. No worries or problems, just Excellent, Friendly, Fast Service! false information, speculations, or to remove spam. He filed two seperate lawsuits, filed a complaint with the Better Business Beureau and disputed the $1000 deposit on his credit card. The website for self service was very confusing. Gary and Paula were very easy to work with.2001, E45 325ci Coupe, M/T, 6/4/2019Hi Steve -  thank you for the posting. |, Don't let them get away with it!® Let the truth be known!™. I pushed it up the ladder and never heard back. Honest and Dependable work. We are not a consigmnent dealership. Not sure - could never get to that stage of the transaction. If not, there is no use in trying to resolve this matter. My company pays them for financial advising for employees. "I'll be closing my account shortly. .css-1o5pw2t{width:24px;height:24px;display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle;position:relative;overflow:hidden;top:-0.1em;fill:rgba(187,186,192,1);}.css-1o5pw2t::before{position:absolute;display:block;left:0;}.css-1o5pw2t::after{content:'';display:block;position:absolute;left:0;right:0;top:0;bottom:0;}.css-1o5pw2t svg{position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;fill:inherit;display:block;left:0;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;}.css-1o5pw2t:hover,.css-1o5pw2t:focus{fill:rgba(117,114,128,1);}. I have a 2001 BMW530i that they have helped me efficiently and economically keep humming ever since the dealer warranty expired. 1/21/2016, Cons: Lost my 401k rollover check (after they cashed it); can't make appt w/advisor; long, long holds on the phone. A dear friend died in January. Don't go to Vanguard. Most mutual fund houses offer similar, and in some cases lower annual fees when compared to Vanguard.". The website is busted and there is no browser capable to deal with it. Gary has a rare combination of knowledge -- from the cars of the 1960s and 70s all the way through 2012 models. Cons: worst Company will not get your money back ! I have retirement and non-retirement accounts with them. TERRIBLE customer service, months of paperwork with no results, lack of security, Transfer processing completely incompetent, Anything requiring organization or competence. Even when the appropriate paperwork is submitted (following the exact instructions provided by a representative) there are security issues, unknown holds or freezes on the accounts subject to internal reviews, and no confirmation as to when the issues can be resolved. 1/11/2020, Cons: Customer service, it platform, security uirty. If you love your car and you want quality care use Vanguard. When you reach a live person, you are given insincere condolences, provided with no useful information, and told to submit a series of redundant forms. 6/1/2015. I will be taking my money elsewhere....if I can get it out, that is. 7/3/2020, Pros: Friendly, always apologetic for shortfalls of customers service and commitments. After asking for a manager and waiting on hold for over 10 minutes I was told the manager was working on an important spreadsheet and didn't have any time for me and that he'll take down my number and call me within 48 hours. I'm done - especially after reading the tons of 1 star reviews, many if which I can identify with. Consumer reviews could be edited by the website staff to keep free of inappropriate or offensive language, HI Jonathan -  We're glad you were happy with our service and even happier you told others about us. This an 11 million dollar account but has very little attention, I guess Vanguard has lost their time of essence and commitment to quality and service. I have been a Flagship customer with supposedly a higher level of service based on my investment level but its a joke. My temperamental 335i had an emergency electrical failure that put the car in a fail-mode. It has taken months to transfer/liquidate inherited funds for a late relative. 8/24/2020. I took it to Vanguard because I had a very good experience with them in the past, and I feel comfortable entrusting them again. I waited about 2-3 days on the decision of my withdrawal request. Called me back while i was out of the office so we scheduled a call for the next day in a two hour window. Learn more about Birdeye. I'd brought my BMW to another shop before remembering Gary and that he specialized in BMW. We asked to speak with a supervisor to try and get to the bottom of why it has been over a month and this rollover has still not been accomplished. Cons: Long telephone waits. The misinformation is UNREAL at Vanguard and moving forward, I will no longer contribute to this 401K plan. 9/16/2017. When you're in a mind, you sort of need the money ASAP). Pros: Was good before it grew into a behemoth, Cons: CAN'T GET MY INCOME TAX FORM TO FILL OUT OUT MY TAXES, I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE RAN-AROUND WHILE TRYING TO GET MY 2019 TAX RETURN DOCUMENTS. Mr. Stout has a case of "buyer's remorse". The website looks like it was built 10 years ago. One night, my BMW mysteriously began overheat and left me along with child stranded on the highway. Gary serves an the email moderator for BIMRS, an Independent Association of BMW Service Professionals. I’ve had significant retirement assets invested with Vanguard, and here are two of my experiences:[1] I was assigned a Vanguard advisor to help with my investments. by elizabeth jagla -, Cons: Making multiple mistakes that waste my time and causes aggravation. Needless to say at this point I have little faith and hope in the back office of Vanguard getting it done correctly. I don't generally put a lot of credence in any reviews of any company, because any business will never have 100% satisfaction by its customers. I retired from the federal government and wanted to transfer my 401k to Vanguard. Good luck if you stay with Vanguard. You need to get some serious professional help! And if someone does not resolve this for me in the next 72 hours, ( it is 3/21/2019) I am pulling all my money out of Vanguard and will go on social media to alert potential customers how difficult it is to try to GIVE Vanguard business, not to mention their absolutely annoying and almost abusive commercials that I could not seem to bypass when calling the "contact us" phone number listed on their website under account transfers.

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