veloflex tubular review

The Bontrager R3 Hard Case Lite is non-tubeless-ready like the Corsa, but is both lighter and cheaper at 207g and £34.99. The Veloflex Corsa comes with a black casing which is a bit different from most other cotton tires. If you want to go all out for speed, you could put Veloflex Record on both wheels, but I tend to be more risk averse – you can’t win if you have to walk home with a puncture. The Veloflex Corsa Evo is a supple, grippy and fast-rolling open tubular tyre aimed at training and racing. It's a tyre that seems like it's literally taking the edge off bumps: what felt like a square-edged ridge before suddenly seems a smoothly ramped lump. 4 They're light and durable Fantasy Cycling: game [at] Started using these tyres on a pair of Campag Neutrons about 3 months ago and they are easily the best day-in day-out tubs/tyres I've ever used. 280 grams. Like the Corsa, the Bontrager R3 Hard Case Lite isn't tubeless ready, but is both lighter and cheaper at 207g and £34.99. Veloflex record tubulars review Veloflex Record and Veloflex Sprinters are a top of the range tubular good for track, time trials and hill climbs. You can't play football in the lockdown but luckily for us you can get out on your bike.... Endura aren't going to like that Pro logo. 125 PSI Max. Feels a little like these manufacturers are setting themselves up for a fall at some point the current level of demand isn't sustainable based on... Spot on. I admit I don't have a lot of miles on these tires (probably 500) but I can't rave about them more. For hill climbs 22″ is a pretty good width. Molto Bene. Have tried most of the different tyres and tubulars out there and none have matched these yet. And not forgetting the need for "fuel". The Master is actually one of the heavier tyres in their ‘open tubular’ range. It is also lighter. If you like your tyres handmade and Italian then you may well have ridden Veloflex. suppleness - Very comfortable While they have only recently approved tyres featuring their ‘sidewall protection system’ for use with carbon clincher rims, the latest designs look to be bang up to date with a tubeless-ready design boasting a 350TPI casing. It's not tubeless ready, but the price and performance are great. This is a review of the 25 mm version of the Corsa, a 23 mm version is available as well. Slightly rougher ride (still pretty darn good) but also tough as nails. Hi Tejvan… Great review Just thought you might want to know Wiggle have a great offer on the Veloflex Records at the moment @ £68. But this still stretches the wallet a little more than I would like. 2 They're as smooth as butter 3 They're straight and mount very easily 4 They're light and durable I have a picture of Davide Rebelin's bike from the classics. Its 320tpi casing smooths out rough roads and keeps grip levels constant, while the tread compound is tenacious and confidence-inspiring in all weathers. It takes 35 steps to obtain a tubular starting from the raw material and the different components (yarn, latex, rubber, glue, valves); all these operations are handmade in our laboratory in Italy.This is the reason why our tubulars are unique. Conti Sprinters and Triathlon - different price point, better value than Veloflex. The Veloflex Record is perhaps best known tub, but the Veloflex Sprinter is also a good choice for a fast tub with an extra layer of puncture protection. Tel 01225 588855. It is 22″ width, which would be close to my preferred choice – perhaps would prefer a 23″ or even 24″ – given trend towards wider tyres. Will probably settle for Conti Sprinters after my stock runs out. Calicot puncture resistant layer under the tread. 4. The ride is what you expect from sew-ups, smooth, comfortable, fast, safe. In rolling resistance tests, I’ve heard the Veloflex Record gives good results, though I couldn’t find any studies. It means I tend to blew it up slightly more than my targeted PSI before a race. Challenge Criterium (used by Navigators): Good for $35, but despite the high TPI/old Clement hubbub, definitely not worth $70. The Record seemed a good choice for a rear wheel in time trials. None are as good (apart from Veloflex Records which aren't practical for every day use). Veloflex's website pressure calculator recommends 98-105psi for me, and my experiments prove that accurate for good rolling and comfort on all but the worst tarmac. Veloflex Record and Veloflex Sprinters are a top of the range tubular good for track, time trials and hill climbs. I usually ride: Vitus Zenium SL VR Disc  My best bike is: I've been riding for: 10-20 years  I ride: A few times a week  I would class myself as: Experienced. various Conti's, Vittoria CX(also good), Tufo HICC (close second for quality), - Very smooth Advertising, commercial: sales [at] road.ccView our media pack. How does that compare to your own feelings about it? Best Cycling Website, BikeBiz Awards 2018, in: Cycling UK urges government for clarity on cycling rules, in: Specialized, Canyon and Giant increase bike prices, in: Near Miss of the Day 493: Close pass on cyclists two abreast, in: British Cycling urges government to allow small group rides, in: Surrey withdraws support for RideLondon, in: Pro releases new range of premium tools, in: FFWD launch new aero road and gravel wheels. Simple design like a tyre should be. The Veloflex Record is made with a high TPI (350) which is one factor giving a potential high quality fast supple tyre. > Buyer’s Guide: 40 of the best road bike tyres. Would you consider buying the product? No punctures and good performance in time trials and hill climbs. As a subscriber you can read ad-free, from as little as £1.99. butalized latex inner tubes leak air, but not as bad as some - I can be lazy and ride for up to three days without inflating (but I usually only race on them anyway). I've used 4 different Criteriums and 1 narrower service course, all from various batches with no lemons. The Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance is great but slightly heavier (a claimed 245g for the 25mm; 271g for the 28mm on the Scales of Truth) and more expensive (£39.95), though it is tubeless ready. Sorry, isn't this just gammon fodder, why push on this? 700c x 22mm. The Veloflex Sprinter is a development from an older version called the servizio corse. If you like, but you don’t like ads, please consider subscribing to the site to support us directly. It’s actually slightly muddy after yesterdays race. The Sprinter is the better all rounder choice, the Record is more of a specialist front wheel tyre. It's not tubeless ready, but the price and performance are great. I bought the Veloflex Record on the recommendation of a fellow tester, and so far I would be happy to recommend too. They go on extremely straight and are perfectly round with no lumps at the valve or anywhere. Neither will be so beautifully supple, though, and the Challenge Strada Pro HTLR 25mm, with its 300tpi casing, is £70. They roll very well, and the profile put a spring in the step of my steering in comparison to wider, flatter sections, without ever feeling unstable. On my 23mm rims they blow up just 0.4mm wider than the claimed 25mm, and are very easy to install (at least once you've persuaded them to stop acting like a flat sheet and curve into a u-section).

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