vtol vr demo

Personally, I think it is almost essential to have a chair with arms on it to provide a nice place to rest your forearms. When you narrow the criteria down to VR combat flight sim experiences, I still find myself turning to VTOL VR more often than not because of its quirky nature and depth of systems that don’t require an inordinate amount of study. The precision flying required for tanking is, in my opinion, even more natural and intuitive than in other sims with traditional hardware controls. Catapult launches are fantastic fun. Maps of up to 196 km x 196 km are possible, although community members have reported larger sizes are technically possible, perhaps at the cost of performance however.

Many skeptics will only give up their traditional hardware controllers if you pry them from their cold, dead hands, and I get that.

A 2D Mission Editor is available for community members to create their own campaigns and missions. There are a good number of single missions available as well as some fantastic multi-mission campaigns. The tutorials cover basic aircraft operation, some basic flight and weapons use. The sim launched a couple of years ago with the AV-42C. For example, the Hellfire flight time at maximum distance seems to match published numbers, and the laser designation must be kept on to assure a hit. Similarly, your fleet (if the mission features one) will also defend itself with a barrage of missiles and gunfire – it makes for a spectacular sight! As well, basic ATC requests are recognized as well. On some missions you’ll flip back and forth between the night vision visor and ambient light depending on the circumstances.

Keeping the ball centered is pretty easy and you’ll be rewarded with a thunk and trap, or a bolter if you screw up.

The tanker uses a boom system to refuel and is as simple to use as opening your fuel door and sliding up into position. AI wingman behavior is fair – but they aren’t smart enough to be considered anything other than disposable. Which is AWESOME, don't get me wrong, but makes it incredibly hard to do anything. It is also worth mentioning that this is a sim that would very much appeal to DCS World type players, but VTOL VR is not DCS World, nor should it strive to be. Beaming, chaff, and flares are all modeled and work as you’d expect – missiles can be defeated with maneuvering and counter-measures.

Oddly enough, this sim takes the very best from other simulators and condenses them down into a near perfect VR experience that actually feels as deep as you might find in those other combat flight sims. The HMCS is turned on and off with a switch on the panel, and the visor can be brought up and down by hitting another button on the panel, or by simply tapping the side of your head with your VR hand controller. The AV-42C, with its tip mounted engines, is an interesting beast to fly on one engine. by Paolo Encarnación | Aug 3, 2020 | Dev Updates. Flight Assist controls include roll, yaw, and pitch Stability Augmentation Systems (SAS) as well as pitch auto-trim. This is a series of short 5-minute-or-less video tutorials (or, "nuggets") covering nearly every aspect of the AV-42C VTOL aircraft (the F/A-26B will be covered in a separate series). At this point in the maturation of VR technology, VTOL VR is a near perfect showcase for the technology.

Since it was built entirely for VR, VTOL doesn’t try to shoehorn VR in as an afterthought – it was purpose built for the slightly lower resolution and wider field of view that VR offers. Night missions in VTOL VR are among the most atmospheric I’ve flown in any simulator. All of these modeled items are a clue that this is a fairly deep simulator – one that surprises people as they explore it more. The HUDs are absolutely superb. I realize that VR hardware is still not a mainstream sim item, but as prices fall and older generations of technology drop into the bargain bin, I’d encourage you to pick up a VR headset and see what all the buzz is about. A good technique is to target their weapons platforms and radar before you go for the kill – but they won’t make it easy for you since they will be lobbing missiles back at you too! It is already a complex sim, but one that does not need to fit into the traditional sim slot. It is very rare for a single-person development “team” to create such an incredibly deep simulation – Tsuyoshi Kawahito (TK) of ThirdWire and Strike Fighters fame comes to mind. But it would be nice if there were a penalty for just pulling as hard as you want. It is nice to be able to send a wingman to refuel or return to base to rearm if they survive that long. As well, you can return to the tanker for additional fuel if your mission requires it, and you can send your wingmen to tank if you think they need it. The AV-42C is capable of taking off and landing vertically if your weight allows for it, or you can rotate the wingtip mounted nacelles anywhere between 0° and 90° to provide for short-takeoff and landing, or completely normal takeoffs and landings. Bombs can be delivered by GPS, laser guidance, or free-fall CCIP. I have completed all seven of “The Island” campaign missions and I found none of them to be overwhelmingly hard, although several took me a couple of tries to complete. The transition from hovering flight to forward flight by gradually tilting the nacelles and feeding in some aft stick is very well done. At the start of the mission (unless the mission designer has given a required loadout) weapons are loaded in a hangar bay. If the developer ever sees fit to add additional clouds, rain, or fog options to the sim – the possibility of some seriously terrifying flights will be possible. Long range missile shots will be vigorously defended by ships with their surface to air missiles and CIWS.

As an Early Access title, VTOL VR is in a constant state of progress and improvement. New features are added with nearly every build. Though refueling and rearming within the budget allocated for the mission is usually available, there is no mechanism for repairing damage. From near empty to full only takes about 50 seconds in the AV-42C. Some weapons will require a targeting pod to designate with. The HMCS is particularly useful in that you can see TGP imagery through the cockpit since the sensor is mounted externally.

The Optical Landing System for glideslope is bright and easy to see from a good distance out on final.

The more recently added F/A-26B has similarly structured content: The F/A-26B Desert Cobra campaign features a different terrain from the AV-42C “The Island” campaign, instead showcasing a desert landscape with deep gorges and a much more expansive map. Recommendations? The tutorials could probably be much more in depth, but they get you on the path of exploration. A mid-mission gamesave capability has recently been rolled out and is continuing to be tweaked. I would honestly rather just see the developer focus on this title as he envisioned it rather than reaching to be more inclusive – an odd take for a sim enthusiast like me I’ll grant you. Fuel and weapons loads affect the overall thrust-to-weight ratio (TWR) and can prevent vertical takeoffs in the AV-42C. Eventually, you will be flying slow enough that the rudder will not have the authority to counter the thrust required for flight from the operative engine and the aircraft will yaw and roll into the dead engine. When not using the HMCS, the TGP can be made the sensor-of-interest (SOI) and moved with the thumbstick or pad depending on what type of VR controller you have. The sim comes with a good set of tutorial missions to come to grip (literally) with the hand controller system of flying. Perhaps one of the appealing things about VTOL VR is that it is rarely a mystery as to why you were shot down. As such, they don’t reflect the true field of view, level of detail, or sense of scale that you get in VR. Friendly wingmen, bombers, and AI defenses can help turn the tide if you can lure the enemy to fight on your terms.

Guest Contributor Eric "smokinhole" Anderson gives us some insight on his shift from hardware to virtual controllers in his quest for full immersion virtual reality.... A look at the greatly expanded and improved campaign from legendary DCS World campaign maker Baltic Dragon. Both the F/A-26B and AV-42C have launch bars and tailhooks to allow for traditional aircraft carrier catapult launches and arrested landings. A fresh take on... Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Most popular community and official content for the past week. There is even an “auto” function that locks your hand to the throttle while you find your comfortable spot, and then you can set that as your “zero”.

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