w123 differential rebuild

Althou you probably need to alter the driveshaft, and get a clutch+flywheel to match it. 2.5 or something alike might very well be a very good option. I would look at a larger v8 w108, that’s your best bet i think. OK I hear you man. 2.82 according to internet, but i have only found 3.07 on om606 automatic cars, the fivespeed had something along 3.46, will update this, Chart of the different differentials on the w201 chassi, 250TDT om605 turbo manual fivespeed 717.460 I am interested in effecting the greatest change possible to the driving experience with the least amount of modification. 80s w123 diff will fit an 80s slc right? 1985 is the magic year that the differentials cant pass. 3.64. i have a 400e 1992 v8 (nitrous) and I want to do 1/4 miles with , which is the most higher ratio I can put on without big modification. Something went wrong. 1972-1980, 350 SL/SLC, M116, 3.46, 1.1 Liter 1986–1989, 560SL, M117, 2.47 / 2.47 ASR / 2.47 LSD, 1.3 Liter, 1968-1976, 230, M180, 3.69 / 3.92, 1.1 Liter a swap from 3.07 to 2.88 might not be worth it in my world, a 2.47 is a bit easier to find than the 2.65, and althou you need to swap the yoke, its a straight fit besides that (380SE from 81 to 85 should have it). There seem to be plenty that will fit a regular 300E available on ebay but I am hesitant to buy because I am afraid of getting the differential ratio wrong. there is a little ear that sticks “out” at the bottom at the side of the backplate. 3.07 ought to be the gear ratio of that car if its a stock om617 turbo and not something built later by modding a gasser c123 :) What cruising speed is your goal? I have a W114 from 1969 and want to swap the differential for an early diff. How can i make it run to do 130 km/hr as they are saying to be the top speed of 200d? I figure I’ll swap both engine and rear diff, and keep my 4 speed manual. 1981-1985, 300TD, OM617.952, 3.07, 1.1 Liter 1978–1985, 280TE, M110, 3.58, 1.1 Liter, Years,Model, Engine, Differential Ratio, Differential Case Size, 1981-1984, 300 SD, OM617.951 3.0L I5, 3.07, Thomas. are you going to swap the engine and driveline altogether or looking for a better ratio more suitable for todays trafic? Working great when pulled. Victor, i dont know realy, i think the larger v8s had like 3.46, 1990     3.27 1985, 300 SD, OM617.951 3.0L I5, 2.88, 1.1 Liter (California from 10.1984 in California: 2.88, 1.1 Lite Maybe something from a OM617 model ? what might be a problem is that the front flexdisc or driveshaft was altered to fit the m130 engine and gearbox, Stock photo, may not be exact item pictured. - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum, https://mbturbo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/3.07-differential-w123-used-2.jpg.

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