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He had a wonderful shock of white hair. Rustin’s memory and legacy are being revived now through renewed interest in his contributions. It hurt a bit,” Naegle told theGrio about this characterization of their bond. During this time he also attended night school at the Germain School of Photography in lower Manhattan and began taking photographs with a medium format camera (Rolleiflex, Bronica, Yashica). He was graduated summa cum laude in 1981 with a bachelor's degree in Studio Art. In 2003, the fund released, “Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin,” a documentary on Rustin’s life and activism. Enjoy reading our October 2020 digital issue, An LGBTQ Voter's Resource. It was published under the title Strategies for Freedom: The Changing Patterns of Black Protest. Those things combined to make a self-actualizing person who could organize and mobilize people into action for good. He worked as a psychiatric technician at the New York State Psychiatric Institute until September 1972, both in the children's ward and on a unit researching bipolar disorder. By Walter Naegle [Walter Naegle was Bayard Rustin’s partner from 1977 until Rustin’s death in 1987; he is executor and archivist of the Bayard Rustin Estate.] For more than 50 years, Bayard Rustin was a strategist and activist in the struggle for human rights and economic justice. “I think there is work that needs to be done on the grassroots level,” Naegle said. He also served on numerous boards and committees, and was the recipient of more than a dozen honorary doctorates. Born in Morristown New Jersey, Naegle was raised in a Roman Catholic home with six siblings. Naegle ad Rustin. The world premiere dance-theater event, presented in partnership with Kindling Arts Festival, will take place each Saturday in Octoberat iconic locations and... DJ Killa Chris’s new list of his top tracks for this week includes the following, including the Dave Aud mix of LeAnn Rimes'... DJ Killa Chris’s new list of his top tracks for this week includes the following, including "Somebody" by the Phantoms & Hannah Robinson! He was invited to address gay and lesbian groups and testified on behalf of New York City’s gay rights bill.A collection of Mr. Rustin’s essays, Down the Line, was published in 1971. Born on March 17, 1912, Bayard was raised in West Chester, Pa., in a family that was heavily involved in activism. “We began to talk to each other. Bradshaw... District 90 Candidate Torrey Harris could become the first out member of the Tennessee State Legislature this November, and his eyes are on the... NASA has delayed the Crew-1 launch until early to mid-November due to issues with the Falcon 9 rocket’s gas generators. A Closer Look at Bayard Rustin, by Walter Naegle. In this issue, we explore the ways that Nashville's push for criminal justice reform within the system is influenced by prominent lesbian leadership. [3], The day that I met Bayard I was actually on my way to Times Square. Walter Naegle, a 68-year-old activist, bona fide Quaker and photographer residing in New. Rustin, the chief organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, had always been openly gay in his private and professional spheres, but it would be several years before his public image came to reflect the full reality of the renaissance man. Rustin organized the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom in 1957, The National Youth Marches for Integrated Schools in 1958 and 1959, and was the Deputy Director and chief organizer of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom which, at that time, was the largest demonstration in the nation’s history. In the late 1940s, Mr. Rustin was instrumental in securing President Truman’s order eliminating segregation in the armed forces. Along the way, they were beaten, arrested and fined. Walter Naegle (born 1949) is the former partner of the American Civil Rights leader Bayard Rustin and is executive director of the Bayard Rustin Fund, which commemorates Rustin's life, values, and legacy. The important thing was Bayard was a part of a movement: It was not about one person, it was a whole team of people.”. Naegle said educating the younger generation on Rustin’s legacy has been a rewarding experience. Naegle returned to school in the fall of 1977, studying at Fordham University, where he was hired to work in the Development Office and in the Graduate School of Education. During the time we were together (1977-1987) there were no laws recognizing the rights of same-sex couples. Rustin had a long involvement with refugee affairs. Their report, South Africa: Is Peaceful Change Possible? Since marriage was not an option then, we applied for a civil adoption. [4], After a few months, the two became steady partners. [3] He and Sally Ride's partner, Tam O'Shaughnessy, were the first LGBT partners to accept the award for their late partners. “It was a gradual thing. Rustin, who was open about his sexual orientation throughout his career, was 65 when he met Naegle, at that time 27. His extensive background in the theory, strategies, and tactics of nonviolent direction action proved invaluable to Dr. King.Mr. “It has taken on a status of its own. Bayard Rustin, a mentor to Martin Luther King, Jr. and one of the architects of the black civil rights movement, spent about two months in jail after he was arrested for having sex with men. Simultaneously, he began a long association with the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR). He was arrested for “sex perversion” in 1953 and jailed for 60 days and was also jailed from 1944-46 after he refused to serve in World War II, an illustration of his non-violent Quaker faith. The two were together for 10 years until Rustin's death in 1987.[4]. We were on the same corner waiting for the light to change. Between organizing protests and ceaselessly fighting for the advancement of human rights, Rustin collected European religious art, pieces from his travels in Africa, and items bought and donated from refugee camps he had visited as a humanitarian. This page was last modified on 6 April 2016, at 19:26. What are the things you most appreciate about Bayard? The visibility attained by the march is something that the LGBT community should strive for today, he noted. “There were people in New York that knew we were a couple but the average person wouldn’t make that assumption. In 1945 he organized the FOR’s Free India Committee, which championed India’s fight for independence from Great Britain. Many say he was often pushed aside by other civil rights leaders and left out of historical accounts of their golden era because he was gay. “Bayard was somebody who grew up at time when there were teachers teaching literature and fine art in the public school system,” Naegle said. Bayard Rustin Film Project. My parents didn’t make a big deal out of it.”. I think that the key to overcome prejudice is through education and one of the ways you educate people is by being yourself, being open and letting them see there is all kinds of LGBT people out there.”. Walter Naegle (born 1949) was the partner of the American Civil Rights leader Bayard Rustin and is executive director of the Bayard Rustin Fund, which educates others on Rustin's life, values, and legacy.. Born in Morristown New Jersey, Naegle was raised in a Roman Catholic home with six siblings.

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