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Domestic and International Regulations Director: Martin Douzant - VA, Stallion/Sports Director: Shane Sweetnam - FL, Members/Breeders Director: Jessie Hillegas - PA, CARRASCA Z - Taylor Flury - See Licensed stallion page for info A full schedule of fees and charges is provided below. NAS is also dedicated to support the industry at large by helping all horses to have positive ID. Do you know if any such thing exists for Swedish Warmbloods? Once the name is accepted, the letters NA will be added at the end. There is no reason to brand in one country and not the other. *“Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) is an autosomal-recessive trait, meaning a foal can only be affected if that foal inherits the disease from both parents. We had 85 new horse registrations and nearly equal numbers… Read More, Santiago "Diego" 15.3hh, 10 year old gelding Sired by Balta' Czar Owned by Adalee Ladwig of Waynesburg, Kentucky Santiago, affectionately… Read More, Congratulations year-end winners! Arabians, reg. One of the primary goals of the NAS is to foster a stronger link so that breeders’ are able to track the horses they have bred. CORIANDOLO DI RIBANO - Tequestrian Farms - tba As a performance registry, we care about ability, no matter where it came from. We offer comprehensive solutions in our Auxiliary and Certificate of Pedigree Books  for horses in need of positive ID or that are not eligible in the main book. In the current North American market, the link between the breeder and the adult horse they bred is often broken and information is lost. who are registering foals starting this foaling season. Warmblood registries in North America that offer hot branding do brand horses in both the U.S. and Canada. In response to recent concerns about Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome * (WFFS), the North American Studbook is recommending testing of mares Parents that are carriers do not have any symptoms associated with WFFS. The Registration System: The AWHA Ltd records horses in five categories: the Studbook, the Warmblood Foundation Mare Register, the Foundation Mare Register, the Small Warmblood Studbook and the Warmblood Performance Registration Book (ex Warmblood Identification (WID) Register). and owned by TEQUESTRIAN FARMS. To add/edit a horse to the All Breed Pedigree Database, fill out the fields below. Swedish WarmbloodAssociation of North America (SWANA) P.O. Anglo Arabian, any approved mare with at least 1/2 sport horse blood (including 1/2 TB). Over 9,000 horses have been registered with the AWSSR, demonstrating their athletic abilities across the horse world. We will be closely following WBFSH policies on this issue as they develop. Huge thank you to our passport sponsor Johnson Horse Transportation! Standards encompass not only bloodlines, conformation and athleticism of the horse, but also the performance career and progeny of the horse. Warmblood lookup (by name or id?) Box 190 Larkspur, CO 80118 Phone: 303-681-3193 Fax: 775-667-0516 E-mail: amerwarmblood@aol.com Website: http://www.americanwarmblood.com/ For any breed, including grade, American Warmblood Society 2 Buffalo Run Road Center Ridge, AR 72027 Phone: 501-893-2777 Fax: 501-893-2779 E-mail: aws@americanwarmblood.org Website: http://www.americanwarmblood.org/, Friesian Sport Horse Registry 3514 Timber Lane Cross Plains, WI 53528 Phone: 1-800-368-0904 info@fshr.org, The Jockey Club (& Information Systems, Inc.) 821 Corporate Drive Lexington, KY 40503-2794 Phone: 1-800-444-8521 Fax: 606-224-2710 Website: http://www.thejockeyclub.com/, Performance Horse Registry, Inc 4047 Iron Works Parkway Lexington, KY 40511 Phone: 859-231-6662 E-mail: cparadiso@equestrian.org Website: http://www.equestrian.org/phr/index.html For any horse that is at least 1/2 TB, International Hunter Futurity P.O. American Hanoverian Society (AHS) 4067 Iron Works Parkway, Suite 1 Lexington, KY 40511 Phone: 859-255-4141 Fax: 859-255-8467 E-mail: ahsoffice@aol.com Website: http://www.hanoverian.org/ Eligible mares: Han., main studbook German warmblood, J.C. TB, reg. The registration number printed on your Warmblood’s papers is specific to his or her registry, but it is also part of a longer number called the UELN (Universal Equine Life Number), which is a 15-digit number that is becoming the standard worldwide numbering system to identify a horse throughout his or her lifetime. When you add a horse, it may take up to 24 hours for it to show up in the progeny query. and stallions for their breeding members. Half Arabian Horse Registry Available through the International Arabian Horse Association. Their lifetime of experience across all facets of the equine industry are a valuable addition to the studbook. Zweibrücker (ZfdP) Registry Through the Rhineland Pfatz-Saar International. Spring is in the air, the breeding season is upon us, and the 2019 Stud Services Auction is open! Five… Read More, Dear AWSSR members, 2019 saw significant growth in our society. If a name is already taken, a new name must be proposed. SWANA licenses stallions for breeding and organizes an annual inspection tour of Swedish Warmblood horses. Copyright © 2020 North American Studbook . If you are not a current financial member of the … Half Arabian Horse Registry Available through the International Arabian Horse Association. However, they will pass on a copy of the defective gene to their off- spring 50% of the time whether bred to a carrier or a non-carrier and regardless of the foal’s gender. P.O. Join the Oldest American Warmblood Registry . We will be happy to post your stallion’s status on our website Particularly from Sweden? If you already have NAS registration papers, you can upgrade to a full passport if you wish to do so. Anglo Arabians, American Holsteiner Horse Association (AHHA) 222 E. Main Street, Suite 1 Georgetown, KY 40324-1712 Phone: 502-863-4239 Fax: 502-868-0722 E-mail: ahhambr@bellsouth.net Website: http://www.holsteiner.com/ Eligible mares: Holsteiner, J.C. TB, European-born warmbloods, ISR/Old, Hanoverian, Selle Francais, Swedish and Dutch mares may be considered), American Trakehner Association (ATA) 1514 West Church Street Newark, OH 43055 Phone: 740-344-1111 Fax: 740-344-3225 E-mail: atahorses@alltel.net Website: http://www.americantrakehner.com/, Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association (BWP/NAD) 900 North Mildred Street Ranson, WV 25438 Phone: 304-728-6140 day 304-264-8493 night Fax: 304-725-1924 E-mail: bwpadmin@direcway.com Website: http://www.belgianwarmblood.com/, Canadian Sport Horse Association POB 1625 Holland Landing, Ontario, L9N 1P2 Canada Phone: 905-830-9288 Fax: 905-830-9635 E-mail: csha@canadian-sport-horse.org, Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association Box 2110-2105 8th St E Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7H 5N9, Phone: 306-373-6620 Fax: 306-653-0972 E-mail: office_gr@canadianwarmbloods.com Website: http://www.canadianwarmbloods.com/, Dutch Warmblood Breeders of North America (NA/WPN) P.O. The passport includes all registration information, pedigree, DNA and more. Whether a Keuring, a sponsored-seminar, a sport horse auction or the website, the NAS ensures that each is rich with information and experience so that learning continuously expands for all members. MR VISTO - Tequestrian Farms - tba. Box 788 Socorro, NM 87801 Phone: 505-835-1318 Fax: 505-835-1321 E-mail: office@swanaoffice.org Website: http://www.swedishwarmblood.org, Westfalen Horse Association 2820 North Liberty Road Northeast North Liberty, IA 52317 Phone: 480-963-1310 E-mail: dvlattensc@juno.com Website: http://www.westfalenhorse.com/, American Warmblood Registry. Show the world your successful AWSSR sporthorse with local and national awards and events. Parents that are carriers do not have any symptoms associated with WFFS. corn Website: http://www.isroldenburg.org/ Eligible mares: ISR & MMB Old., J.C.TB, reg. Feel free to email us or call us. Box 13244 Lexington, KY 40583-3244 Phone: 1-800-852-1162 or 502-857-9670 Fax: 502-857-9671 E-mail: inthf@bellsouth.net Website: http://www.inthf.org/, International Jumper Futurity P.O. The awards for dressage differ from the USDF All Breed Awards in the fact that they are… Read More, Copyright © 2017 American Warmblood Society & Sporthorse Registry, All Rights Reserved. Talent and skill can come out of the best bloodlines or the most humble. North American Danish Warmblood Association (NADWA) P.O. Box 957 Folsom, LA 70437-0957 Phone: 985-796-3650 Fax:: 985-796-9459 E-mail: salsa@oakhillranch.com Website: http://www.danishwarmblood.org/index.html, North American Selle Francais Association, Inc. (NASFA) P.O. NAS serves mare and stallion owners in a friendly, clear and most importantly, collaborative manner without bias or politics. Owners have the choice to name their horses as they wish. The NAS gathers, compiles and assimilates data and information for members’ registered horses. While these standards are consistently and stringently applied, the NAS assesses each horse as an individual so that quality breeding stock is not overlooked. upon obtaining confirmation of their carrier status. If two carriers are bred, the foal has a 25% chance of being affected (a death sentence) and a 50% chance of being a carrier.” All anyone needs to know about your horse in one elegant and simple booklet! In 2018, Microchiping will be mandatory for all new registered NAS horse. Anglo-Arabian Horse Registry Available through the International Arabian Horse Association. By employing the success-proven strategies that have fueled the European rise to its preeminent state in the sport horse world and adapting these standards to the unique advantages and challenges of our market, the NAS brand has become synonymous with quality and performance success with both breeders and competitors. Hi guys :) So the AQHA site has a fantastic tool that allows you to search horses and purchase pedigrees/history and all kinds of interesting things based on the horse's registered name or id. The whole NAS team is looking forward to serving you and your needs as usual. With over 6,700 members and an active community, you can learn, play, and compete with the best! As a performance registry, we care about ability, no matter where it came from. International Sporthorse Registry & Oldenburg Registry North America (ISR/OLDNA) 517 DeKalb Ave Sycamore, IL 60178 Phone: 815-899-7803 Fax: 815-899-7823 E-mail: isreg@aol. We welcome comments, ideas and suggestions. NAS was established with the single purpose of assisting the North American sport horse breeder to better compete in the domestic and international marketplace. It was created by a small group of seasoned breeders and professionals who have a keen insight into the hurdles facing North American breeders, coupled with a strong understanding of the European means to achievement. It also has convenient pages for all your medical and show records, approvals and Federations record. Registry standards of quality are assessed by top sport horse breeders, judges and professional competitors. Box 0 Sutherlin, OR 97479 Phone: 541-459-3232 Fax: 541-459-2967 E-mail: office@nawpn.org Website: http://www.nawpn.org/ Eligible mares: NA/WPN, J.C. TB, approved warmblood mares, International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA) Martina McDonald, Executive Director 101 Carnoustie N. Box 200 Birmigham, AL 35242 Phone: 205-995-8900 Fax: 05-995-8966 E-Mail: office@ialha.org Website: http://www.ialha.org, International Arabian Horse Association (IAHA) 10805 East Bethany Drive Aurora, Colorado 80014 Phone: 303-696-4500 Fax: 303-696-4599 E-mail: office@iaha.com Website: http://www.iaha.com/. NEW NAMING RULES as of 2018: AS of 2018, all newly approved stallion with NAS will be tested as part of the approval health exam and their results will be posted on the website. More and more breeders are getting away from branding and choosing to microchip instead. It should be noted that hot branding is now banned in several European countries. *“Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) is an autosomal-recessive trait, meaning a foal can only be affected if that foal inherits the disease from both parents.

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