westside for raw made easy

© Westside Barbell 2020. Due to the light weights, you don’t produce hi force. These have been getting a bad rap by a lot of people. They teach you to stay tight and how to be explosive, and they’re also easier to recover from than regular squats. All lifts can be used with at least two grips to break records with. For best results, pick one attribute for the squat/deadlift and the bench press, and train the others enough to maintain them. Buy Three, Get One Free - Just add four to your cart. Otherwise, you will be doing pointless presses against light bands. Remember our system is based on physics, mathematics, and bio mechanics. If I feel like crap one day, then I’ll do a triple or a max set of five instead. Science and Practice of Strength Training by Vlad Zatsiorsky. Check out Dan breaking the World Record in the 242s class Raw … Normally, after 3 weeks we either use a different bar, like a bow bar or a football bar and cambered bar with 2 ½, 3 ½ or 5 inch cambered. The max effort method is your meat and potatoes. Each week max out on a rack pull with just weight or add 250lbs or 350lbs of band tension. If you’re strong but need to be more explosive, then lower the max work so that you can focus on speed. I prefer box squats for two reasons; I believe they yield better strength and speed gains versus conventional squatting, and the box relieves stress in my knees. Exactly. TAGS: Westside method, Setting Up Westside for the Raw Lifter, Repetition effort method, Gareth Williams, building weak points, dynamic effort method, explosiveness The Westside Method is widely accepted as the "go-to" system for developing absolute strength. Chad’s Conjugate Periodization Template. The way I use my max effort lower days is to focus on training the deadlift and the good morning. Westside RAW! I’m not going to touch on the technical or mental aspects as there are plenty of articles and instructional videos out there already. This schedule ensures your rest periods between training days are in line with the recovery times Lou suggests. The high reps build muscle mass, but has little other value. You still max out but less weight is needed to do so, meaning you can recover faster. However, a physical weak point can be caused by a lack of: Don’t fall victim to the belief that you can simultaneously increase these three attributes effectively. It involves rotating the main lift every one to three weeks. Now, before I get into percentages, think about this: Some people are faster than they are strong, and vice versa. – John Meadows. I like the simple language Ben is using to explain complex ideas. There are countless ways to write a program that will yield results, but the name of the game is efficiency. The table below shows a month’s worth of exercises, and proper percentages: This is where I make the biggest change to the standard template, by using a mix of the repeated effort and dynamic effort methods. Almost always we have a deload workout, this means no barbell lift, only small exercises, for recovery. Max Effort is the most productive day. However, in the past I have ran a completely conventional Westside style program and had great results only using the dynamic effort method on squat day. Louie has spent a long time perfecting the Westside Method for geared lifters. I program my speed bench days exactly as Lou prescribes in the Westside Book of Methods. Louie once said, "Why do an exercise that takes more than it gives back?" The table below shows a month’s worth of exercises, and proper percentages. The advantage of a Westside style program is the level of customization, and personalization it offers. After the meet they start over by doing the same thing, hoping to get different results, that my friend is the definition of insanity. In regards to the recommendations for the repetition effort method in this guide, that’s based solely on my training. Increase the volume of your training and watch your raw lifts skyrocket!!

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