wgbh logo font

Sources & Links: PMN Caecilia Bold Font … Editors Note: This is the first known identity produced by WGBH, and at the time it had a unique design. Two versions can be heard whether it's long or short; one is the original pitch, while the other is slightly higher pitch. However, Downton Abbey, Curious George, and Masterpiece Theater shows, are some post-1993 shows that have this logo. Availability: Brand new. The original, very first WGBH Boston logo—the "Zooming WGBH" logo—officially released in 1971, in a blue-and-yellow variant. SFX/FX: The flashing and the WGBH logo appearing and the 2 appearing.

Aug 27, 2018. Boston's PBS member station WGBH is rebranding by losing the "W" in its name — to become known as simply "GBH." Nicknames: "The 2 IV", "3D 2", "Cute 2 II". Nicknames: "The Neon Sign IV", "WGBH Outline IV", "Flash of Doom Redux", "Eerie Outline II", "The More Eerie Outline", "Flash of Final Judgment II", "Sleepless in Boston II".

Music and sounds: None or the show's end theme. Background: WGBH, known on the air as GBH, is a Public Broadcasting Service affiliate located in Boston, Massachusetts and was first aired on May 2, 1955 (though they never had an animated logo until 1971). Suddenly, gold beams fly through them, as the camera pans around, following it.

Availability: Very common, quite possibly the most common PBS logo you can find, and can be seen in its various versions on WGBH-produced shows before the rebrand to GBH, such as NOVA, Frontline, American Experience, Masterpiece Theatre, The Victory Garden, and Arthur, among others. There is a variant of the 2008 logo that is tinted blue. Nicknames: "Zooming WGBH", "WGBH of Doom", "Zooming Letters (of Doom)".

Template:TV stations in Boston The animation of the logo was unveiled on August 31, 2020 and was officially put into use the following day. You can read more about the making here. Logo: We see a small globe rotate and we see the word WQED (in yellow-orange) with "PITTSBURGH" underneath in white text, and then we see WGBH (also in yellow-orange) with "BOSTON" underneath, also in white. Logo: Against a blue background, the letters "WGBH" in a yellow generic Helvetica font quickly zoom back, away from the viewer to the vanishing point, and disappearing when the text is very small. The logo goes dim as a neon number "2" [the channel number] lights up in a bluish-white color for about 3 seconds and goes out. Availability: Probably extinct.

Like the 13th logo, only as a station ID. Nicknames: "The 2 II", "2 City", "Cheesy 2". download free fonts for PBS logo. Sometimes, the closing theme of the show will play over the logo.

Logo: We see a large number 2, next to the 2 is the name of the show that's coming up next. Music: For the station ID, unknown; in-credit version uses the ending audio of the show. 1986-1993: Same as above, but shortened to when ", 1993-2009: Similar to the other versions, but with the ", 2001-2009: Similar to the 1993 version, but this time the ". When the WGBH logo flashes, Jim Birdsall, who has done work for CNBC and NBC stations KING and KGW in Seattle and Portland, says "WGBH Boston".

Wgbh Boston Logo – Awesome company or business logo will represent the personal spirit of your business or company. And the unmusical "music" is a recipe for disaster. You might find this on old tapes of The French Chef, Zoom, Evening at Pops, The Victory Garden and Nova episodes from the era. It only appeared at the end of Plum Landing. Find the best Wgbh Boston Logo pictures and photos for your own collection and personal use. QueenMackDrama.

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