what deal did mary winchester make with azazel

Mary realizes that as a result, Sam and Dean never existed to stop the Apocalypse and reveals to Bobby that in her world, she made the deal with Azazel. In an attempt to gain some respite from his torture, Lucifer suggests the angels torture Mary for a while. After the boys escape, they call Castiel, who meets up with Mary. After finding a massive power outage in the Pacific Northwest, the Winchesters arrive at the house where Castiel is caring for Kelly Kline who has gone into labor. He then pressured her into making a deal for John's resurrection and her having a normal life; in exchange, she granted permission for him to enter her house in ten years. Bobby decided to spend recovery time with Mary Donna Hanscum's cabin. Mary is very capable but ambivalent about the hunting life. Portrayed by When they find the veterinarian that patched Sam up, and believe he is holding out information from them, Mary quickly tells Castiel to hurt, prompting Dr. Marion to reveal he has Lady Antonia Bevell's cell number. Azazel was a yellow-eyed demon, a Prince of Hell who commanded the demons and kept order in Hell. When she refuses, Dean puts his gun to her head and orders her into the Impala. Mary bursts into flames, engulf the ceiling causing John to grab baby Sam and rush out the room. However, Mary recognizes that Lucas meant her no harm and was scared and discovers that Lucas is instead a victim of Hugo Moriarty - the true culprit. Upon resurrection, Mary was horrified to learn that her sons, now adults, had been raised as hunters by John because of her death, and that John himself was dead. During Exodus, Mary was shocked to see Lucifer again but happy to see Sam and hugged her son before watching the argument between Dean and Lucifer which causes Jack to teleport away. 33 years later, after Dean reunited God and The Darkness, she was resurrected by the latter as a gift for Dean. Although Sam interrupts the demon's plans and saves the family, Azazel teleports away to avoid being shot. As Arthur Ketch couldn't make it, he sends a bottle of scotch and Bobby states an intention to seek out and kill Jack who shows understanding over Mary's death which he calls an accident, but feels no real remorse in his soulless state. She deduces Michael has heavily warded his fortress that even humans can feel it but Jack can get them out at the spot where its weakened, her theory is correct and they escape. Jack arrives just as Zachariah is preparing to kill her. I can be closed off and hard. Finding that his lead went nowhere, Mary assures Sam that something will break and tells him to go lay down and rest. Azazel escapes from John's grasp and returns to his body, but Dean already has the Colt and shoots him in the chest, killing him. She also appeared to be a fast learner, being able to create angel banishing sigils and setting them up on the same day she learned about the existence of angels and their weaknesses. Mary soon formed a relationship with Arthur Ketch but she became aware of that he and his superiors had ulterior motives for other hunters. She acknowledged Castiel was an angel and accepted Dean's story that he was her son. While the British Men of Letters have no bullets for the gun, Sam knows how to make more thanks to Bobby Singer and gives Mick the ritual while Mary and Pierce go to get the AVD and Sam fights off attacking vampires. Wanting to help, Bobby gives Mary an escape route from the camp and tells her to take the children to safety, but tells Jack he has done enough. Sam and Dean are in Heaven searching for a way into the Garden. Mary assumed this was the correct course of action and the best way to prove her motherly affection without even consulting the boys. Lucifer, with a snap of his fingers, causes Mary to double over in agonizing pain; after a few seconds he releases Mary and insists she continue with him. John Winchester was Mary's boyfriend who was killed by Azazel to force her to make a deal. Mary is confused by the size of the computer before Dean locates the vehicle. You are. As she tries to leave, Ketch trips her and throws her across the table and onto the floor. Her husband John, would play it to her. Rick attempts to defend himself, cutting Mary with a broken beer bottle, however trips on another bottle the floor and as he lay prone, Mary approaches him and slits his throat. Much to her horror, she realized that the person upstairs was an intruder and rushed back to Sam's nursery, interrupting Azazel as he fed her son his blood—this is what Mary had given him permission for in 1973 without realizing it. Jody alerts Mary's sons who have managed to escape the bunker and they arrive with Toni who had claimed that she could reverse Mary's brainwashing. She lies to Dean, telling him she is at a motel in Newark and needs to rest after the Ramiel incident. Azazel is the only Prince of Hell to appear in more than one season. He considered murdering everyone Sam loved as just "the cost of doing business." According to his brother Ramiel, Azazel was a fanatic and the only one of the Princes of Hell who ultimately still cared about Lucifer's plans. In Gods and Monsters, she follows a lead in the search for Dean and joins Sam and Bobby. Mary has Mick unveil the Colt, the strongest weapon they have and Mary finally admits to stealing it from Ramiel. Dean then tells Mary he hates and loves her and that he forgives her, understanding what she did due to his own deal. As Mary is about to leave, Ketch comes to and shots her with a taser, incapacitating her. Mary helps exorcise Jael, finishing the exorcism started by her sons and later talks with Jody about being a mother. As she stands in a state of shock, Dean begins telling her about her life, based on the things John told him about her. Azazel bec… In her youth, she wore short-sleeved shirts topped with a jacket and jeans. Mary is one of the first to make it back to earth and is happy to be back home. Being resurrected 33 years later by The Darkness and having not aged between her death and resurrection, she was chronologically 61 years old as of, Dean's fondness for pie might stem from her; in one of his memories in ". In Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox, Mary travels to Canada after learning of the death of Asa Fox, a hunter whom she had saved as a boy from a werewolf in 1980. After being convinced that her own desire for a family had been nothing more than a fairy tale, Mary reverted to a truly cold-hearted hunter and left her sons for dead, highly reminiscent of her own father, who had done the same years ago. She refuses to tell him where Jack is and he knocks her to the ground. Back at the Bunker, Mary and Bobby share a beer in the kitchen. My family hunts. In Last Holiday, Jack tells Mrs. Butters that the only real family he's ever had are Sam, Dean, Castiel and Mary. In Stuck in the Middle (With You), Azazel is revealed to have been a Prince of Hell, the first generation of demons after Lilith, a generation turned by Lucifer himself and trained to be generals of the demon armies. Mary only tells him of how many people she's saved working with them, before they head off to meet with Sam, Dean, and Castiel. Adult Sam, having returned from destroying the British operation in time to hear her fears, assures his mother he doesn't hate her. It is shown that the demon sort of "baptizes" the special children with his own blood, as sort of a ritual. Michael then talks about the fate of his own Lucifer and threatens to do the same to this Lucifer. Ketch assures her he isn't "built for that" and pointing out that she took his advice to pick either the work with the British Men of Letters or her family. As Tessa In Who We Are, a brainwashed Mary continues to kill hunters and is eventually directed by Arthur to kill Jody Mills. While preparing to fight Anna, Mary demanded an explanation as to why an angel wanted to kill her from Dean, who eventually revealed that the truth about himself and Sam to her. For every day I get to spend with you and Sam. In retaliation and to protect John and Mary, Castiel instantly kills Dumah with his angel blade, ensuring their safety.

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