what happened to alan's parents in jumanji

Any last words? : Shoe Factory Bum Sarah Whittle The elephant was mine. Parents Guide.

"Clue.". I hope she's not allergic to cats. : Sarah Whittle :
Judy Shepherd Judy Shepherd Are you from around here?

: - giant mosquitoesPeter rolls 2. :


"A hunter from the darkest wild makes you feel just like a child." Oh, let me guess, you probably left it in your other Tarzan outfit, right? Then you hear them eating, and you hope to God that you're not dessert.

Edit, Just as Alan is about to roll the dice, Van Pelt (Jonathan Hyde) shows up, gun in hand. Play the game, Sarah.

: Game's up. [Peter continues to cry and Alan realizes what he just said]. :

Sarah Whittle

Is he the reason you didn't wanna play? Alan Parrish Alan Parrish Alan Parrish I was afraid. : :
Hey, come on, you'll be fine.


Sarah Whittle She rolls 3.

Alan and Sarah promptly toss the Jumanji game into a river. My father could barely hug me, let alone cut me into little pieces. Sarah Whittle Later that day, he shows it to his friend, Sarah Whittle (Laura Bell Bundy), and they begin to set up the board to play.

He fired you? In the novel his token goes back to the startSarah needs a 12 to win.

Yeah, that's right. The film begins in 1869 in the town of Brantford, New Hampshire. Sarah Whittle Alan, ready?

Alan Parrish 26 years! ...need you to get that marketing done on the new line, pronto. Alan Parrish What year is it?

You'll get used to it. Plus, there's a lion in my aunt's bedroom. Oh, my god! Our parents are dead, too. Alan Parrish It ruined your life? [reads]  Things you can't even imagine. - earthquakeAlan rolls a 3 and wins. What happened to you? Judy Shepherd : However, it's Sarah's turn, so Alan goes looking for her so that they can resume the game. Oh, thank you. That evening, Alan's parents are going out to an event.

Oh, thank you. : I'm terrified. Alan Parrish [calls to Alan]  There are things that hunt you in the night. You didn't want to play either, Mr. We-Started-Something-26-Years-Ago-And-Now-We've-Gotta-Finish-It? Okay, it's my turn. Carl : - Peter is transformed into a part-monkey. Alan Parrish Alan Parrish Carl

Just give me the dice, and you can go home. It's pretty cold out there. Hunter Van Pelt : Along with spiders, bats, crocodiles, etc., one of the most fearsome things in Alan's mind was his own father, who always seemed to be "gunning" for him. : Sarah Whittle : Sarah Whittle. Sarah Whittle : Suddenly, the board comes to life and begins to move the tokens on its own as well as tricking Sarah and Alan into rolling the dice. Alan Parrish [Carl slams on the brakes; the car screeches to a stop], Release Dates

: Metacritic Reviews. [to himself]  :

: Alan Parrish : :

Well, it is for me! Judy Shepherd That is just the beginning. Taglines :

Our dad was in advertising. No more banana leaves. : Alan, please, last time I played this game, it ruined my life. [to Alan]  Sarah Whittle [reads]  :

IT'S A STAMPEDE! - the quicksand turns back into the floor, trapping Alan and Sarah in itPeter rolls a 4. "

Oh, no. Company Credits I know it doesn't mean much after 26 years, but I'm sorry. [Alan looks down and notices his game piece moving to the end of the board, after which the word "Jumanji" appears, reads it quietly]  "A hunter from the darkest wild / Makes you feel just like a child.". : Sarah Whittle |

Alan... Peter Shepherd : In the 1995 Jumanji timeline, Judy is hit by a poisonous dart from one of the purple flowers and dies. [Closes the bathroom door, getting ready to cut his hair, shave, and put cleaned dressed clothes on]  Sarah Whittle

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