when does jeremy come back from denver

Meanwhile, Jeremy asks John if he read everything about the spell and knows what happened to the mother after the child was brought back to life. Later, Bonnie told him that there was a way to stop Elena's hallucinations, and it was by killing a vampire and activating the Hunter Mark. In Catch Me If You Can, Jeremy refused to listen to Klaus but when he threatened Matt, Jeremy and Matt made a run back to the cabin, the newly turned vampires in hot pursuit. An hour later, the Hunter's Mark hadn't grown and Jeremy began to doubt that it had worked but Bonnie assured him it would, reminding him that Finn's bloodline took a little while to die off. Telling Matt and Monique he tried canceling Bonnie's cell phone. She also says "And over night you turned into this hot guy who's really sweet an -" but then gets interrupted by Jeremy saying "You think I'm hot?" Damon figures out that Bonnie is going to kill herself. Katherine goes to him and tells him she enjoyed having a sibling, but he could be a pain. She asks Elena to release the body, which angers Elena. His life was thrown into turmoil yet again by personal loss at the deaths of his Uncle John and Aunt Jenna before he, himself, was accidentally killed, only being brought back by Bonnie's magic. Bonnie comes out and asks him whether he trusts her, to which he replies he does and hands her the chopping ax he was holding. Later, Jeremy shows up at the Salvatore Mansion and demands to know what is going on as Kai is in the room. Stefan then cuts Jeremy's wrist and feeds his blood to the vampire. In Know Thy Enemy, Jeremy, Bonnie and Damon go to the Martins' house to pick up the grimoires. She seems pretty crazy and intent on killing everyone. And leaves in a rush. Then Elena walks in and he leaves. When Bonnie is asking questions for Luka, he brings up the Sacrifice of Elena and Jeremy just says "No" and shakes his head. Bonnie asks Jeremy if he could get her a bowl of water, then Caroline pushes out Bonnie's feelings for Jeremy. Jeremy falls on the ground while Bonnie is watching in shock. He tells Damon that Mason would have spoken by now but Damon continues to torture him. In The Departed, Jeremy tries to protect Elena from the dangers now happening by getting Matt to take her out of Mystic Falls. Episode Count Jeremy ran, heading into the tunnels beneath the town but Damon caught up, managing to bite Jeremy in the arm. Height Jeremy comes back to Mystic Falls after Elena Gilbert awakens from her magical slumber. He explains that Jenna has been taken. Damon then appears telling them he's there to kidnap Jeremy, although they don't believe him at first until he refuses to let Jeremy past. Alive (Resurrected) After taunting her, she drinks his blood but stops when Jenna arrives home. Jeremy refuses and tells Damon not to hurt Mason anymore. Jeremy warns him that the "us versus them" mentality is liable to get him killed. Born Sometime later, in the living room, Bonnie approaches Jeremy from behind, who is waiting for Qetsiyah to complete the spell to switch the Anchor. Elena walks in on them and berates the both of them. Bonnie appears sadly and tells Jeremy to tell Elena that it's for the best, Jeremy denies this immediate, that it's not okay. Sometime later Jeremy is training/fist fighting with Alaric. His ring then stops working and he begins to burn. For three months, Jeremy was the only person who could see her. I feel like the showrunners kind of just left us hanging with him and the fact that he’s been off hunting vampires for, like, three years, and before the series comes to a close at the end of 2016, fans need an update on Little Gilbert and what he’s been up to. He rips the chains which hold the new vampire away from Jeremy and holds them. Amara says she knows him, he is the Hunter that Silas killed, confused how he is alive before demanding to know if Bonnie was the witch who brought him back. As for himself, Jeremy Gilbert has returned to the land of the living. Jeremy tell Connor to go talk to Meredith Fell. He's just working off some extra adrenaline. when he comes out of the trance. When Matt resists, Enzo reveals that he's using Jeremy as leverage; he has Jeremy pinned to the ground with his boot over his face.

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