which statement identifies the reasons for the rise of the moral majority?

Fetner, Tina. This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 03:50. In addition, the Moral Majority took control of the Old Time Gospel Hour's publication, Journal Champion, which had been distributed to the show's donors. Differences within the movement were apparent when Falwell backed George H.W. The creationist position has paralleled the rise of such religio-political groups as the Moral Majority (recently renamed the Liberty Federation). The accident resulted in changes to the law, placing a moratorium on nuclear plants and curtailing their production. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. With Reagan having reached his two-term limit, the Republican nomination was open to a variety of primary contenders. Falwell was at the head of the Moral Majority and maintained an advisory board, constituting the organization's primary leadership. Words: 1068 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75328024. Which statement is FALSE? Various Moral Majority members also expressed more extreme opinions, such as Moral Majority commentator Charlie Judd, who argued that “There are absolutes in this world. The Moral Majority was predominately a Southern-oriented organization of the Christian Right, although its state chapters and political activity extended beyond the South. Moral Majority Inc. – the organization's lobbying division, which addressed issues on local, state, and national levels. [12] Through the 1980s, Falwell was the organization's best-known spokesperson. The Moral Majority was founded with strong financial backing already in place. It played a key role in the mobilization of conservative Christians as a political force and particularly in Republican presidential victories throughout the 1980s. A. descriptive B. informative C. topic D. subtopic E. narrative Answer: A. descriptive. During its existence the Moral Majority experienced friction with other evangelical leaders and organizations as well as liberal leaders and organizations. Although Falwell declared that the organization had accomplished its mission, he admitted that a number of “problems” persisted, such as abortion. The accident gave the environmental movement ammunition, as it questioned whether science could … They believed this represented the opinions of the majority of Americans (hence the movement's name). [38] After Reagan's victory, Falwell attributed Reagan's success directly to the Moral Majority and others registering and encouraging church-goers to vote who had never before been politically active. Rozell, Mark J. and Clyde Wilcox (2003). Also, in 1981, the Moral Majority mobilized delegates to the Virginia Republican state nominating convention in order to support Guy Farley, an evangelical candidate for lieutenant governor.[34]. The Moral Majority remained a political force during the first half of the 1980s, working at both the state and national levels. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. During a 1979 meeting, they urged televangelist Jerry Falwell Sr. to found Moral Majority (a phrase coined by Weyrich[4]). Its impact on American politics was almost immediate as it was credited with helping Republican Ronald Reagan win the presidential election in 1980. Bush rather than Pat Robertson, another televangelist, in the 1988 presidential campaign. [3], The Moral Majority was a relatively early supporter of Reagan, endorsing him before the Republican convention. A study of voters in the 1984 election showed that more anti-Moral Majority voters voted for Walter Mondale than pro-Moral Majority voters voted for Reagan, suggesting the Moral Majority may have actually had a negative effect on Reagan's campaign. Christian fundamentalists were alarmed by a number of developments that, in their view, threatened to undermine the country’s traditional moral values. "Virginia: Birthplace of the Christian Right,", Vinson, C. Danielle and James L. Guth (2003). Having already been a part of a well-established network of ministers and ministries, within a few years Falwell was favorably positioned to launch the Moral Majority. [42], The Moral Majority maintained their support for Reagan's 1984 reelection campaign and, alongside other Christian Right organizations, influenced the Republican platform for the election, shaping the party's campaign stances on school prayer and abortion. As such, we may get some sort of grasp of the population espousing the creationist position by looking at the place of the Moral Majority in the spectrum of American Christians for whom it claims to speak. However, the Moral Majority was credited with making a lasting contribution to American politics by establishing the religious right as an influential political player. [44], 1988 was the last presidential election for which the Moral Majority was an active organization. [31], The Moral Majority engaged in political activity in a variety of ways, including national media campaigns and grassroots organization aimed at supporting particular candidates in elections and using mail and phone calls to reach office-holders.

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