who destroyed genos village

[67] Furthermore, before Genos could make up his mind about returning to the stadium, another being rushes to Genos. Genos and Flash take care of Internet Surfers, while Saitama takes care of Sonic. Most enemies that gave him a tough time in the past wouldn’t really be much of a threat to him now. Their conversation continues with the discussion of the cyborg that destroyed Genos' hometown. Genos states that Saitama went up in the C-Class ranking from 388 rank to 342 and that while he is still last in the S-Class ranking, in popularity he is ranked 6th, by public votes, shocking Saitama. Elder Centipede gives chase and Bang sets Genos down. Genos then informs him that C-Class heroes will be excluded from the hero registry as they are not deemed worthy by the registry if they do not work. As Genos is currently an S-Class Rank 14 hero, he's unquestionably one of the Hero Association's toughest members. Genos thinks that Saitama is showing him the way forward and that he is aiming for the symbol of strength. Carnage Kabuto then throws Dr. Genus to the side and smashes Genos against the wall. While Genos declares that he will battle the monster and that the others should save the injured, Bang and Bomb reassure him that the future should belong to the young like him and he shouldn't be reckless. Sailor Moon: Whatever Happened to Usagi's Family? [47] Genos is relieved when he sees that Saitama is okay after the crash. [31], Genos reveals the large robot to be another S-Class hero named Bofoi, and asks for his help in stopping the meteor. Genos gets back up by thrusting himself upward with rockets built on his back, and he intently observes and analyzes Garou's movements. Back at Saitama's apartment, Flash talks to Saitama and Genos about his rough past back at the Ninja Village, with Genos contemplating how harsh training there must have been for Flash and Sonic. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Genos recognizes the name and asks what they want of his teacher. Genos is later dispatched to P-City to fight the Extended Family of Darkness. Saitama catches him and says he'll handle the fight, but Genos, stubborn as he is, sends a devastating blast at Carnage Kabuto. Genos, Saitama, Bang, Bomb, Fubuki, King, and Dr. Kuseno all stare at the delicious hotpot. You can meet him on Instagram and Twitter @tolulanguy. Genos was just a normal human boy until his village was attacked and destroyed by a powerful evil cyborg. 鬼サイボーグ does translate directly to Demon Cyborg. Genos then rushes at Carnage Kabuto and hits him with a barrage of punches, but it doesn't affect the monster and he smashes Genos in the face, throwing him into the ground and causing his face to crack and his left eye to fall out. [7], Armored Gorilla then attacks Genos who easily stops the attack. Genos never really knows when is the right time to back down. Dr. Kuseno reminds Genos that he is not alone and that the conflict with Mad Cyborg is their conflict and not just Genos's. However, Genos reaffirms that he will destroy the cyborg, once he finds him. Genos angered by the letter stated he will find the senders. He uses his new move, Scorching Core, which obliterates the group of monsters but badly damages Genos's own body in turn. The latter ripped off the cyborg’s arm only to be surprised that the arm could fight on his own. [39] Genos was then punched by the Deep Sea King out of the shelter. [69], Genos being carried off by Dr. Kuseno's recovery drone, Genos wakes up after being defeated by Gouketsu. Why else haven't we heard of cyborg anywhere else if it is such a menace to society? Fubuki was surprised that he, an S-Class Hero actually called himself a disciple of a B-Class Saitama. [92], Tatsumaki catching Genos during their battle against Psykorochi. Then later stopping Saitama from getting all worked up from someone calling him bald by saying they should go home. Genos becomes enraged when he hears that his teacher scored 71 points ranking him as a C-Class. [68] Genos was later seen defeated by Gouketsu, while on his way to the C-City Super Stadium. [22], As they arrive in hall 6, they are congratulated by A-Class hero Sneck. The man then introduces himself as Blue, the top-ranked hero at the Neo Heroes. During the fight, he uses his a new move; Lightning Core to create a bright light to blind Saitama and moves in to punch him. [58], Genos is seen talking to Charanko at Saitama's apartment. [34] When Saitama decided to go outside to check the damage, Genos stayed behind. Saitama supports his will, then Genos continues that the organization wants him to introduce strong individuals to them and that with his recommendation, the Neo Heroes would treat Saitama well, unlike the Hero Association, who didn't value him much. Facing defeat, Genos almost self-destructed. Garou retaliates with his Flowing Water Rock Smashing Fist, but Genos ducks and strikes him with a punch that propelled by a booster integrated in his elbow. But at that moment, Genos turns, saying that he senses a presence moving at high speeds towards them, when Kamakyuri smashes through the roof, only to be swiftly killed by Saitama. Genos proposed to watch the fight, to see King's abilities. [55], Despite his loss in speed after this, he is durable enough to take all of Sonic's attacks and decided to increase his speed to catch up. While walking home, their chat about groceries is abruptly interrupted by Sweet Mask who asks Saitama out for a cup of tea and a discussion. Bang top disciple Charanko was angered by their statement and challenges Genos, who Genos quickly defeats. I just had an idea where the mad cyborg is actually Genos. Fubuki tries to stop him but Genos insists on helping Saitama fight the Dragon level monsters. He seems to care more about making strong weapons than protecting people, so he's probably the kind who wouldn't care if one of his experiments went out of control and destroyed a village. Genos and Saitama leave the building to find Frog Man and Slugerous on guard. Genos is about to go out and find these lost items but Fubuki comes back with cabbage in hand. [11] Four hours later, Genos and Saitama have arrived at the House of Evolution's base. After they left, officers of the Hero Association find the results of Genos' blast that destroyed the top eight floors of the House of Evolution and identify Genos as the perpetrator of that blast. I think there is a much larger back-story to Genos than appears. He suddenly recognized Fubuki and misinterpreted her position as a failed attempt of taking down Saitama. Genos tells Dr. Kuseno that he wants to become stronger. [77], Despite all the visible monsters being defeated, Genos still detected signals of monster activity but could not discern their numbers or location. Genos is praised, while Saitama gets a hateful letter, calling him a cheat. Boruto: Who Are The Purple Moon Cult - and Why Do They Hate Konoha. However, Genos fuses himself back together again mid-air and breaks the monster's teeth with his Jet Drive Arrow . Luckily, King catches Elder Centipede's attention by mentioning Blast and baits it for Saitama to land a Serious Series: Serious Punch obliterating Elder Centipede without leaving a single trace. Genos is seen looking up comments on the website about Saitama destroying the meteor. Genos runs into Flashy Flash in front of Saitama's door and aggressively begins to question him what he is doing there, but before a fight breaks out, Saitama steps in and stops him. [51] He proceeded to fight the robot, catching him in a trap and defeating G4. One-Punch Man Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He then says that he wants to convert to the Neo Heroes in order to get stronger as his master asks him if the cyborg himself is not enough. One Piece: What Oda's Female Character Designs Actually Say About Beauty Standards, The Original Digimon Series Still Beats the Reboot in ONE Subtle Way. [86] He offers to carry Sekingar and the other injured heroes out of Z-City to safety. So, we know that the evil cyborg destroyed Genos' village and he has this whole quest for revenge. He then tells her to attack Psykos's body while he handles her energy beams, wondering if he'll be able to last that long considering that he's already at maximum power output. [41] In the aftermath, the people were thankful but one criticized heroes for being defeated by the monster, despite their efforts. The fighters decide that they cannot retreat out of the park as they'll put the civilians in danger and they need to save the unconscious heroes from Death Gatling's ambush. Genos asks Saitama if he thought that kombu would let him regrow his hair, that it will actually not, as it was not proven as a genuine medicine, to which Genos receives an angry response from the infuriated Saitama. For the next four years, Genos traveled from town to town defeating monsters and destroying evil organizations, but was unable to find the whereabouts of the mad cyborg. With the current upgrades he has received from Dr. Kuseno, he could easily take on Mosquito Girl again and swiftly defeat her. He explains that they were given an impossible task, a Dragon Level Disaster is coming to Z-City in the form of a giant meteor. I believe Genos was created by Dr. Kuseno, and the cyborg that destroyed Genos' village doesn't exist at all. Beware of spoiler content. Genos leaves to be fixed up by Dr. Kuseno and returns the next day to Saitama's apartment. During the Hero Association 's raid on the Monster Association, Tatsumaki rips the entire Monster Association Headquarters out of the ground destroying a large amount of the surrounding city, including Saitama's Apartment. [89], Later on, before Genos is able to make it into the Monster Association Headquarters, Tatsumaki lifts the entire base out of the ground while combatting the fusion of Psykos and Orochi. When Flashy Flash requests Saitama to repair his sword, Saitama asks Genos to bring him the tape. [36] Genos and Saitama ran towards J City in the pursuit of the Sea Folk, but decided to go ahead of Saitama. Genos angrily tries his best to get up to intervene, but is too weak to get up. He's also a medical researcher and now he works as a writer for Valnet Inc. For his hobby, he watches lots of movies and anime, he also loves to read comics, manga, and latest and trending news articles online. [44], He later goes to the roof of the Hero Association Headquarter with Child Emperor, Superalloy Darkshine, Tatsumaki, and King. combatting the fusion of Psykos and Orochi, https://onepunchman.fandom.com/wiki/Genos/Synopsis?oldid=186283. Genos lets his guard down, and gets one of his arms ripped off. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Flames and smoke pour out of the holes in Elder Centipede's carapace, but the monster regenerates, dousing the flames and healing its wounds. He says that he needs to ask the creature some questions. He even goes so far as to employ some tricks against his opponent, such as when he fought Garou. Attack on Titan's Curse of Ymir: Does Eren REALLY Have 13 Years to Live? He puts the matter aside and thanks Saitama for accepting his "unreasonable request". Genos wants to hurry to the scene to save the civilians from danger, but Saitama tells Genos that he will go on ahead. Saitama is surprised about Genos' quick actions and notices a hatch on the floor and rips it open before he and Genos head down into the lair.

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