winter of terror facts

In the mythical world, that is a kallikantzaros of Greek mythology. Being just 16 then, my main means of transport were ‘Shanksie’s’ or my trusty fixed-wheel bicycle (I was already a keen bike-racer then). And it was bitterly cold as well (East coast of the US). It’s a fun watch: History Buffs does a great job of setting the historic background, employing nice graphics and clips from the actual show to explain the how and why of the Franklin expedition and to suggest it was doomed from the very beginning. Some parts had thick ice and some none. There was also severe snow in the 1970s after I had moved to Wales, with very heavy snow drifts burying many cars, but I can’t remember the exact year. Which was the only place you could ride your bike. In January 1963, Barrow, Alaska astonishingly topped freezing three times in two events – normally this happens there during winter only once every few years. Of course, this may be because they are human-eating giants. Most disturbing, perhaps, is the fact that they have no skin and you can see their black blood coursing through their twisted veins. Due to this crime, it is said that the heart turns to pure ice, triggering the change from human to monster. In the years before the winter of this post the ice on the Arctic Ocean wasn’t much different than recently. They can appear as any sentient being they desire, making their tactic similar to guerrilla warfare. Your privacy is safe with us. We all just stayed in the kitchen day and night, with the stove to keep us warmish. This creature is the centaur from your worst nightmares. At the age now of 54 I live in Southern California and the contrast to living in Surrey in the 60’s is interesting as the house I own now was sold to me as ” one of the first track houses built in the area ” circa 1963 / 1965 ……. Occasionally, an evil spirit will possess a human, turning him into a Chenoo. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. While her beauty is enticing, it is known that she can be identified by her eyes, which strike fear into the heart of any mortal if he is unfortunate enough to gaze into them.[1]. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. Temperatures weren’t much higher for most of February. I lived through that winter in remote location in Perthshire. Remember it well .. I made good time and had the thrill of my life. Ever met someone who tried extremely hard to be the best at something, but he could never seem to achieve his goal? How true was the AMC series to the known historical facts of the event? The snow-belt reached southern England on Boxing Day and parked over the country, bringing a snowfall of up to 30 cm. In the 1941 winter I had started secondary school (The Priory, Shrewsbury) . By Paul Homewood The winter of 1962/63 was the coldest for 200 years in Britain. Unlike most other evil creatures, though, a Chenoo can return to its human form. ‘orrible winter, ice on the insides of windows. San Diego recorded its second sub-4-inch “rain year” in three years with only 3.98 inches from July 1962 to June 1963, whilst Los Angeles had received less than 0.3 inch (8 millimetres) before the storm at the close of January. March 18th brought sunshine and warmth – followed by severe flooding which brought the threat of harvest failure and famine, fortunately averted. In 1967/8 we had some more really bad snow and I remember riding my bike 4 miles to work in the snow, it wasn’t too bad until the cars caused deep ruts in the snow which turned icy. This is the same meridional jet stream which Jennifer Francis says is now due to “melting Arctic ice”. Someone mentioned the “rutted” roads. The Met Office monthly reports of the time give more detail. In 1947 two higher villages in County Wicklow, just South of Dublin, were isolated for up to six weeks, while in 1962/63 there was no similar isolations, a couple of days at most, and the possibility of using helicopters to bring in supplies. The winds were very cold but also very light, more like a northerly drift than real winds at all. 10 Little-Known Prehistoric Beasts With Incredible…, 10 Bloodsucking Monsters From World Folklore, 10 Folklore Monsters That Persist In The Modern Age, 10 Evil Exes That Will Put You Off Dating Forever, 10 Murderers Who Used Their Genius IQs For Evil, 10 Of History's Most Evil Medical Murderers, 10 Creepy Cases That Prove These Serial Killers Were…, 10 Things You May Not Know About Modes Of Transport – 2020, Top 10 Amazing Moments Captured In Fossils – 2020, Top 10 Origins of Memorable Movie Lines 2020, Top 10 Horrifying Uses Of Human Branding 2020, Top 10 Fascinating Facts About The Late Sean Connery 2020, Top 10 Common Misconceptions About Halloween, Top 10 Unsettling Scenes From Horror Movies And Series, Top 10 Dark Facts About Alice In Wonderland, Top 10 Outlandish Science Experiments Performed On Animals, 10 Visions Of Hell That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You, 10 Weird Anomalies And Bizarre Conspiracies Of The Moon, 10 Things Sleepwalkers Do (Other Than Walk In Their Sleep). I too lived through that winter. Most disturbing, perhaps, is the fact that they have no skin and you can see their black blood coursing through their twisted veins. Yuki-onna (“snow woman”) is a myth with apparent sightings documented as far back as the 14th century. Mean maximum temperatures in January were below 0 °C in several places in southern England and Wales, more than 5 °C below average. I can just remember it – there was still compacted snow piled up on the verge opposite my grandfathers house in April. Might this have influenced the warming of the troposphere necessary for such a type of winter ? Wendigos have an ash-gray skin tone with inhumanly sullen eyes. A demon that roams the snow-laden grounds of Scotland’s uppermost northern isles is confined during the summer months, which only makes it more eager to cause pain and suffering during the winter. We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. The weeks before had been changeable and stormy, but then on 22 December a high pressure system moved to the north-east of the British Isles, dragging bitterly cold winds across the country. One of the oldest Yupik mythological tales is the story of the Kogukhpak. If you didn’t, we highly recommend it. I don’t recall any serious hardship around us then – although there must have been, it was very cold and double-glazing/central heating were virtually unheard-of. Create a free website or blog at Read about more folklore monsters on 10 Folklore Monsters That Persist In The Modern Age and 10 Bloodsucking Monsters From World Folklore. It was caused by a warm storm coming in from the south west meeting freezing air from the north, north/east. I also remember my hands were very very cold on the bike even with Sheep Skin Lined Gauntlets. The winter solstice is the only time that they can emerge from the earth to hunt and ignite the fear of the locals.[7]. Some say that she is able to manifest as a woman holding a baby, enticing well-intentioned strangers to help her and her poor child out of the storm. (In case you don’t know, this summarizes her husband Almanzo’s childhood experiences in upstate New York — Malone, specifically — in the mid-1800’s.) I was also a keen angler then (still am) and we’d regularly bike from Wimbledon to Molesey or Teddington in big minus conditions for a days fishing – especially as the schools were closed on a frequent basis. This world cannot be reached by mortals. Unfortunately when an inversion trapped the smoke at a low altitude, which was relatively frequently, the particles might condense on a piece of fencing wire for example, until it formed a rod of ice up to, as I remember, an inch and a half thick and it was yellow from the sulphur in it. Sure, the lumbering supernatural horror was invented, but you’ve gotta sell tickets somehow, right? The long bitterly cold spell caused lakes and rivers to freeze, even sea water in some of England’s harbours turned to ice. During a related search, I read where Eliza Jane, one of Almanzo’s sisters, a female pioneer in her adulthood, recorded similar (“40 below”) temperatures while living in Minnesota (or a similarly positioned location on the edge of the western frontier) — but she noted which thermometers she used. While most of us are getting ready for winter with holiday preparations and hand warmers, others are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a wild assortment of monsters. During the summer, the Sea Mither, or spirit of summer, is able to keep these demons at bay because they live underwater then and only emerge when the Sea Mither can no longer control them. ” ……on 22 December a high pressure system moved to the north-east of the British Isles, dragging bitterly cold winds across the country.”. Hi Paul, I found your site only yesterday, while searching for information on the temperatures in 1963, so I’m still getting aquainted with everything here. No children to drink it either. They spend the year hacking down the tree of life, which holds up the Earth, in an attempt to end mankind. Just wet clothes and cursing.

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