worth the fall

It was a lucky man who had a woman like that, kids like that. Matt straightened and she raised her hand toward his face, stopping midway and lowering it before making contact. His lip was fine. “Hell, man.” Rob slapped the arm of his chair. Matt cut through the rolling waves of the Atlantic as if he could prove to his commanding officer he was more than ready for active duty. Her short white skirt flowed, showing off sexy legs and strappy heels. He imagined dancing with her, as he’d seen his brothers do with their wives. His cousin had dug this hole and he didn’t seem to mind being ass deep. This is a one-way train,” Kimmi said, still pissed he’d dumped her drunken body into her bed last night. — Smexy Books “You ever notice that hot, mostly naked chicks don’t really show up in a snow covered train whenever you pop open one of these?” “Write a complaint to the company,” Matt offered. (2007). Matt wished himself somewhere else. Good job fellow Yooper! He still didn’t know her name. The one that had been gathering strength all morning. “Talking about naked girls is just like, rude. When he sees the principal making unwanted sexual advances towards a female student, he considers reporting the incident. She was small, compared to the five-foot-ten Kimmi, the top of her head barely reaching his shoulders. Nailing him in the back had obviously been a fluke. A sleeveless top revealed slender shoulders and sun kissed skin. Worth The Price (Liv and Twain) 6. Something utterly, completely worth falling for. “Guess I better go.”. After his tenth trip fishing the ball out of the surf, Matt turned, and came face to face with the kid’s mother. Her short legs struggled in the sand and her arms strained, dragging a yellow bucket. And she was still alone. “Matt, get me a–”. She’d made the sign of the cross and led the kids in the Catholic dinner prayer, one he’d said at every meal eaten in his house since birth. But now he's about to go up against his biggest foe of all ... tiny Alison Jukuri. “Mmm. “It’s fine.”. Manuel is a legal immigrant working as a janitor in an American middle school. The best reaction is no reaction. He hated himself for thinking it, but he’d grown up with five brothers. I’m crazy for…bringing four children to the beach? Maybe your dad could throw with you or something.”. “Mommy, I wost him.”, “Oh, I’m sure he’s in there,” Matt said, jerking his attention back to the bucket. He ran his fingers through his hair, pulling at the ends. Matt’s been sidelined by a combat injury, and haunted by the best friend he lost and the promise he made: to remain a SEAL—focused and dedicated. You want to see?” she asked Matt. He took five steps back and motioned with his fingers for the ball. “Thanks so much for asking if I wanted to go.”. He’s gone! “Nice kid.”. His brothers would laugh their asses off. He didn’t like being mauled. She’d just set Charlie on his feet and pushed her bags well away from the water when a screeching voice pierced her ears. “I need to winse. But the cool water brushing past him did nothing to quiet his mind. And then it hit him. Another person dead. When the torturous dinner finally ended, the foursome made their way down the wide stone steps, depositing them on the brick patio. Two days later, he knew exactly how bad it could be. The little boy wiggled out of her arms and she took the girls by the hand. Title: She’d almost caused a brawl at the bar last night. A picnic on the beach might be a great idea in theory, though the authors of Varied Dining Experiences For Children had obviously never tried  peanut butter and jelly in the sand. “Mom, she said stupid.”, “Hi,” Gracie said, smiling up at the red head. Manuel ponders what is best for his family and what is best for the school children, remembers an incident from his own childhood, and contemplates a very difficult decision. What he wouldn’t give to be a kid again with kid worries. He picked up the pace until he was jogging. Though, given his job, he didn’t have a lot of options. And he did. The two of them raced toward the trash bin completely unaware of their collision course with a fast moving country line dance. Deed done, Matt turned to go. Hey, wittle guy, where are you?” she called, her nose practically touching the sand. https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8058866.Claudia_Connor “I’m going for a walk.” He stood, stepping around coolers and towels. “It’s a creature.”. “You’re supposed to relax.”, If you call this relaxing. Mara Jacobs is a wonderful writer. Not once in Jack’s five years had his own father played with him like that. You probably don’t want to play with me, but I sure wish you would. Matt weighed his choices, debating whether to applaud the boy’s tactics or scream in frustration.

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