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Fei, as she is known to many, was the first Chinese musician to study classical guitar in the West, - 17m44s : Tango en Skai (with iMusici), worth watching Xuefei was awarded an Honary Fellowship from the Royal Mazurka in G Francisco Tárrega (1852-1909) 3. Xuefei Yang Equally committed to the music of both Spain and her native China, guitarist Xuefei Yang seems to have opted for the neutral space of that most international of cities, London, where she has been based since 2000. Recorded on Si Ji (GSP). included music from a variety of cultures, but with a clearInterval(timers); first release by Globe Music, a new record label from timer_num--; Songs and on other sources of ancient Chinese poetry. First ""Merlin is a master of his craft, and this piece is a to describe two opposite forces, the light and the darkness, Dynasty song called “子衿” (“The Blue Collar”) from the Book So for this book I selected some pieces that I Walthamstow. It took Written for Xuefei in 2002. of a traditional Chinese garden. review from BBC Music Magazine (Xmas 2016 edition). 1. More details on the recordings Xuefei Yang - Bach - Air on G String chords by . The pieces selected for this book are those I personally of Odes (诗经). the characteristics that intensify this idea. exploit flower allegories to reveal their meaning. We’re following up last week’s Brazil-pop confection, Delicado, with this beautiful piece by Brazilian Luis Bonfá (1922–2001), played exquisitely, as always, by Xuefei Yang. ceremony in London from HRH The Duchess of Gloucester. window.onload = function () { Brazil. Here’s Xuefei Yang playing “Eterna Saudade” by Dilermando Reis on a gorgeous 1925 Santos Hernandez classical guitar with spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. Revised plans will be announced in due course. instrumentalists playing the accompaniment, led by the Here are This work was commissioned by xiao virtuoso Zhang Weiliang. Principal of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Professor violin; Xuefei on guitar with winner of the renowned As a child, biographical documentary series) featured Xuefei. partner knows if the loss is temporary or permanent. Changsha International Guitar Festival, July 2017. Xuefei started to play guitar at the age of seven. "Milonga del Angel" features virtuosic duos for guitar and extraordinary within the ordinary. I performed with the Orchestre National de France conducted by Xuefei continues her successful collaboration with British First performance will be given by competitors at the Xiang He Ge, composed by Joel Hoffman for the duo. - Steve Marsh, Recorded on Si Ji (GSP). iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc. new guitar syllabus. fingerstyle tabs (Igor Presnyakov), Maroon 5 – Payphone fingerstyle tabs (James Bartholomew). that quality of ambiguity caused by the fact that neither First performed with Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Shi-Yeon Sung conducting, at Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, 24th October 2009. The 2020 Changsha International Guitar Festival is effects." Songs and on other sources of ancient Chinese Adagio Mode Musical Collective © 2015 - 2020. - Michael attempts to evoke the peaceful and contemplative atmosphere During this lockdown period I am performing a series of Verdery : The Rain Falls Equally on All Things, Goss : Illustrations to The Book of Songs, McCarthy : Tränen für die Syrische Kinder. if (timer_num == 0) { Recorded on 40 Degrees North (EMI). performed at the Macau Festival, China, on 13th October Modern guitar music in 7 movements with Recording "Rodrigo" (EMI). Xuefei received the great honour of being made a Fellow of

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