zero hour laser general

Do not eject the pilot over water or cliffs. Enigma_Zealot 11 years ago #6. To Uninstall: do the reverse of the above. A laser (LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is a concentrated beam of light, which has high energy-intensity. Welcome to the USA Generals page for Zero Hour, the expansion to EA's 3D RTS game CnC Generals! I fixed the problem. Laser general's paradrop power now drops a mix of infantry types, not just rangers. especially if you got 2, 3 USA allies and all their spy sats clicking at the same time. Vanilla America, GLA and China objects can change into the new Laser, Demo and Nuke types so you can use them in the single player campaigns. Human players have to use radar van scan or spy satellite or send units to spy the area in order to dispel the shroud so they can fire superweapons. Readme File: Dozer can climb cliffs and move through water. Build it in the path of incoming bombers (anthrax, A-10, EMP, cluster mines, etc), scud or nuke missiles, or aircraft, to shoot them before they reach your base. I'm having trouble with this mod. Hellfire drone get's the laser tank's laser gun. See full details for the list. It is crazy to think that Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour which is the seventh game in the series was released 15 years ago! :P All in all, i'm giving this a solid 9/10! Or sign in with your social account: Link to Beng's Laser Demo Nuke Mod by selecting a button and using the embed code provided. Then when you run the game it will use the mod. To add the laser units to GLA and China single player campaign games, the GLA barracks and China supply center can now build laser general dozers. [ZH directory]\Data\Scripts\ to or something else so the computer will use the copy inside the big file instead of the existing one.Then when you run the game it will use the mod.To Uninstall: do the reverse of the above. The alpha aurora bomber can devastate an entire army easily. Nearly every object belonging to these 3 generals has been changed and they have new buildings, units, and powers. My preferences are 1.Laser General( Has the best defences) 2.Nuke General 3.Tank or Air Force General( I love those emperors and laser point defences for those planes) But in the end i reckon its jus personal opinion. Avenger can shoot down scud storm and nuke misisles and artillery shells. If you can get enough avengers to render SW Gen's EMP patriots useless you can break through their outer defense & the game is yours. Colonel Burton can carry one infantry unit, so in the single player mission where he and Lotus race to the lab, he can swim across the river and capture the GLA base and carry a worker back across the river to build a tunnel network. You can also manually fire this gun using a command button (like the missile defender's laser missiles). You do not need the .bat batch files.Rename it from to 0BengsLDNmod3.bigTo enable the improved skirmish AI for this mod, rename I suspect this happens when i have too many spy drones on the map. Infantry laser guns will reveal stealthed buildings when they are shot, so have one ranger force fire on the ground under the stealthed building to reveal it, leave him to continue shooting the ground under it (damages the building less than shooting the building itself), whilst another ranger captures it. Nuke cannons could effectively counter such an army though so make sure to have good intelligence (the ranger's sight range is helpful in this regard) & take them out with aircraft before they get a shot off. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Manage Cookie Settings. Ambulance can cure aircraft flying near it and can take 5 passengers. :D. Just wanted to reiterate that I STILL love this badass mod to this day, especially with the VERY nifty and handy addition added to Leang's Challenge map where garrisoning a single unit inside the central temple building in the village above the base you start in gives you friendly civilian-like help slightly similar to "The Hills Have Eyes" map from Red Alert in that it spawns multiple Demo Gen-upgraded Angry Mobs allied with you (you can't control them, which is VERY good imho as they help keep the enemy at bay quite well), freakin' LOVE that neat little addition as stated in the updated cutscene of Leang's challenge map, seriously...! My preferences are 1.Laser General( Has the best defences) 2.Nuke General 3.Tank or Air Force General ( I love those emperors and laser point defences for those planes) But in the end i reckon its jus personal opinion. LOL. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments. They start from the edge of the map closest to the dropzone. You can buy and use the Paladin tank science. Oil derricks can be upgraded with camoflage and an EMP mine field. TARDIS: The laser tank is more of an actual "tank" than any other faction's tanks, I'd argue, even "tankier" than the overlord. -------------- Beng's Laser Demo Nuke mod for Zero Hour, modifies these 3 factions to have many improved units and powers. The SAM site is vulnerable to ground units and can be captured, and it's low rate of fire means it can be saturated by multiple simultaneous incoming air attacks, but otherwise it is a good offensive defence. Microwave tank can clear garrisoned buildings and jam vehicles. They can also shoot down scud storm and nuke missiles. If SW Gen activates her first particle cannon with several more on the way, get on your knees and pray because the end is here. Sentry drones can now shoot wihout having to stop and deploy. Change the .off file to a big file and run the game via your zero hour launcher (NOT the batch file), soon as i get my game installed AGAIN. aha all good i noticed people kept bugging you about it and thought this can help you out lol Reply Good karma +2 votes. This expansion pack actually added some cool stuff to the series. Beng's Laser General Mod for CnC Generals Zero Hour No? Installation: Put the 0bengslasermod.big file in your Zero Hour program directory. It gains experience too. They can then exit from any Tardis you own. General "Pinpoint" Townes has capitalized on the USA's technological superiority with the use of lasers in his general strategy. Manual Install Instructions for Mac UsersHere's how to manually install:Put the biggest file,, in your ZH install directory. Changes include new units, structures, and new features. Or build it in range of ther enemy airfield to stop his planes taking off. This mod makes several adjustments and additions to the Laser General. Welcome to the USA Generals page for Zero Hour, the expansion to EA's 3D RTS game CnC Generals! To view all the changes, read the readme. Recommended Posts. Laser turret buildings have increased range and rate of fire. Power plants produce more power when upgraded with control rods. (8 normally, +16 with control rods = 24 total power when upgraded). It is crazy to think that Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour which is the seventh game in the series was released 15 years ago! Arty platforms with advanced lasers upgrade get the firebase's guns. Their flashbangs can now target vehicles, whose drivers can be temporarily stunned by them. [Go to top]← Air Force | Laser | Superweapon →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki,, Crusader and Paladin Tanks are replaced with Laser Tanks (requires 1 unit of power per tank), Patriot Missiles Turrets are replaced with Laser Turrets (requires 5 units of power instead of 3 per turret), Cold Fusion Reactors produce 8 units of power instead of 5 (can be later upgraded to 16 with Control Rod upgrade). The Firebase has it's own self-defense laser and is practically immune from projectile attacks. Installation: Put the 0bengslasermod.big file in your Zero Hour program directory. Zero Hour also contains three new campaigns of five missions each instead of seven in the last game, one for each side, with their chronological order being USA first, GLA second, and China last. Since laser beams travel at the speed of light they are almost impossible to dodge, unlike conventional ballistics; furthermore they are extremely precise. Or sign in with your social account: Beng's Laser General Mod has not been tagged yet. A rather new type of weapon system uses laser beams as a direct-energy based projectile against specific targets. Targets painted by the drone's laser designator can be more quickly destroyed by any friendly units, not just it's master. This particular faction (in vanilla) is the dullest faction, as it does not have as much "flamboyance" as other factions. The lack of artillery is a great setback as well, as it means that you will have to devote thousands of resources to head-on attacks. This vehicle jams the enemy's radar map to a radius of 300, making it hard for him to use superweapons, generals powers, etc in that area. It has some effectiveness against attacking Aurora bombers if engaging from a head-on aspect angle because attacking aurora bombers cause all weapons fired at them to target a spot behind them, as though targeting a decoy flare, but the SAM site missiles have a laser proximity fuse that detonates them as they pass by the aurora on their way to the targeted spot behind the aurora. This mod is a fun change from playing normal Zero Hour and gives the Laser General a greatly needed improvement. any way to remove that sound? The flashbang upgrade also enables the rangers to shoot at aircraft with their lasers, like Infantry general's men. You are allowed to build 3 of these devices when you have a strategy center. With the laserguided missiles upgrade, each stealthfighter can destroy a base defence building. In the generals challenge laser general map, the arty platforoms have battleship guns. 1.0b3 changes: Laser Raptors use laser guns instead of missiles. It works against human players but not so much against scripted AI because AI can shoot into the shroud. Your dozer can build a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), a small blue box that lets you teleport units instantly through the space-time continuum.

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