FUCK YOU HEROES Photographs 1976-1991 Glen E Friedman $29.95 Burning Flags Press, Los Angeles.

Glen E did the My Rules photozine back in 1982 and has had his images printed in mags and on album covers worldwide. Now E has put together a portfolio of photos of friends and acquaintances in a hardback, full-color, coffee table edition. It just so happens that Glen's list of pals includes Henry Rollins, Chuck D, Ian MacKaye, Run DMC, the Beastie Boys and Ice-T. Highlights include photos from the hardcore skateboarding years when the stars of the day were the youngest, loudest and snottiest, plus shots from the early days of hip hop, when Glen was one of the few who got really close. In twenty years Fuck You Heroes will be considered a time capsule, an encyclopedia from an important decade and a half of modern mayhem and change in popular culture. What makes FYH fly is the intensity and honesty that looks you in the eye from Friedman's 1/250th second perspective. A favorite image is King-T and crew cruising a lowered and skirted Impala through LA. Scary good shit.

JUXTAPOZ - Spring 1995