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Glen E. Friedman

Photographer, Glen E. Friedman, knew there was a story to be told that no one had yet written. Now, he has given us that story with his pictures, and his book Fuck You Heroes visually chronicles some 15 years with riveting images from the early days of Rap, Punk or anything which could be called hard-core. In describing his work, his philosophy and his book Friedman says, "Most of the people I've been shooting over the years all have that same attitude towards anyone that ever tried to tell 'em what to do: Fuck You. That's basically what it is. Skateboarders, punks, hip-hop kids, a lot of people don't realize they all really got a lot of things in common. You know I can't explain it all right now but in the index of my book I researched for like six months going back over years of material - pulling quotes from magazines, interviews, song lyrics, stuff like that. You read all this stuff, no matter where you're comin' from if you don't see the common fabric in the ideals and rebellious lifestyles these people choose, then your eyes must be closed."

One World magazine

(1 full page w/ 3 B&W photographs)