Punk Rock Confidential

Fall 2007

Fugazi ruled. Not only were their shows all ages, non commericalized, always a mere $5 but they were, without a doubt, amazing and and awe- inspiring. Glen E. Friedman╩╝s book, which will be released twenty years to the day that they played their fi rst show, takes a long look back and relives those epic shows thru his highly tuned lens. The kinetic energy of the band is captured with power and grace in a collectiom of on and off stage photographs. “I fi rst saw Fugazi play live at a benefi t uptown at Columbia University here in New York. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced...”. Glen went on to see Fugazi play whenever he could, from New York, New Jersey and DC to LA, London and Stokholm and most of the time brought along his camera. “Fugazi shows became my laboratory for experiments with light, action, compostion and emotion”. And emotion is evident in each and every page.

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