SECONDS Magazine
(October 1995)

print review:

When Glen E. Friedman says Fuck You Heroes , he's not talking about anything obscene - he's referring to the men (and women) who had enough balls to stand up to the mediocrity of their time. For the better part of twenty years, Glen has been at the forefront of cutting-edge Youth Culture, documenting all the shit too hip for the ultra-conservitive Popular Entertainment Biz. Fuck You Heroes is an impressive, two hundred page coffee table-sized photographic tome which includes some of Friedman's best works- from his legendary shots of innovative half-pipe moves by Seventies Skateboard pioneers Tony Alva and Jay Adams, to live action pics of Hardcore progenitors like Darby Crash and Ian MacKaye, to Hip Hop album covers he's done for Public Enemy, Ice-T, etc.

Give Glen tons of credit for staying ahead of the pack, and for presenting no-sell-out art that kills from the heart. And now that this opus is finally available in malls and chain stores nationwide, the time is right for Middle Amerika to deal with the dark side of reality. Yo, mom and dad- fuck you!