SPIN magazine
February 1997

Printed Matter
by Andrew O'hehir

Fuck You Too: The Extras + More Scrapbook
By Glen E. Friedman
Consafos Press

If you invested any of your life on the pre-Nirvana youth culture fringe of the '80s, then photographer Glen E. Friedman's new book - a sort of supplement to his 1994 collection Fuck You Heroes - will seem as intimate as a family album, as strange as a half-remembered dream. Although Friedman undeniably has an "eye," his real strength is his passion: From the West L.A. skateboard scene to early-'80s live shots of X, Fugazi, or Black Flag to the Public Enemy posse chilling on Strong Island, this is just-above-ground cultural history by someone who lived it, who never got rich or cynical, who always believed.