(spring 1995)

FUCK YOU HEROES Glen E. Friedman

We gotta give much props to Glen E. Friedman. Despite the adversity faced in trying to get his book published, he has finally been able to release a collection of his photos covering the time period from 1976 to 1991. His work documents the 70's skate culture of West LA, the 80's hardcore scene and the burgeoning rap industry of the mid to late 80's. The individuals celebrated in this collection represent the most powerful anti-establishment icons of youth culture from our generation. People like Ian MacKaye, Black Flag, Jello Biafra, Ice-T, etc.. It's amazing to see how many different scenes he's been intimately involved in. He produced the first Suicidal Tendencies album, hooked up with Chuck D when he only had a demo tape, was a major contributor for SkateBoarder and Thrasher magazines and worked intensely with Def Jam throughout the years. After years of enjoying his work on dozens of album covers and in our magazines when we were kids, we would like to thank him.


STRENGTH Summer 1995

(1 full page with several color photographs)