Surfing magazine
September 1997 the Punk issue

A Tribute To Sick Action & Rowdy Behaviour

title: F--- You Too
published by: Consafos Press
size:10 inches by 10 inches
price: $33.(limited edition Hard Cover), $20.(paperback)
number to call for FYT: 1-800-655-4897

"What does it have to do with surfing?" my editor might ask. Absolutely everything, even though Glen E. Friedman's F--- You Too contains not one photograph of surfing. It's a picture book documenting the last 20 years of America and all the trends and transitions any surfer of this period might've gone through. The photos have attitude and lots of it. My favorite shot? A child of the 70's on a 'sidewalk surfer' entering a blue canvas Kenter bank tuberide> (Dog Town... you should know this!) He wears Vans before they were skate shoes, bell-bottom cords, and a slightly ragged t-shirt. His hair's long and silky and with his right hand he flips a Hang Loose sign. It's the essence of the '70s captured, the essence of the other end of this makeshift tuberide into the '90s-time travel- from the mid '70s to the present. Now imagine all the changes he'd go through in between. His hair would get chopped and dyed jet black. Led Zeppelin would be replaced by Black Flag, Ted Nugent by the Dead Kennedys. This would stick with him for a time, his skateboarding would move into more specific/man-made terrain, like skateparks and half-pipes, and then before you know it, punk would fade out and rap and hip-hop would fade in. Never mind darby Crash, The Beastie Boys have come to town. Now you take this entire period of time and you photo-document it real well and you bind it into a book. . . and there you have it: F--- You Too. The definitive American youth culture photo album. From the west to the east. From the white to the black. From the '70s to the now.

- J. Brisick

(1/3 page with photo of book cover)