Time Out (New York)
February 6th-13th 1997

Anti-paparazzi: The follow-up to Glen E. Friedman's Fuck You Heroes, Fuck You Too: The Extra + More Scrapbook (Consafos/Burning Flags Press, $20) once again proves that not all rock & roll photography is created equal. Friedman's shots nail the essence of the '70s and '80s youth cultures that formed today's version of the disaffected adolescent (many were snapped with an Instamatic when Friedman himself was still in junior high). His images - of Jay Adams suspended over an L.A. swimming pool , a pre buff Henry Rollins barking his hard-core lungs out, or early Public Enemy sporting tight jeans and Cadillacs - capture moments of white-hot intensity which telegraph the energy of being there. If you were there (the Pep Lounge in '82; Hollis, Queens, in '85; or maybe the emptied-out Santa Monica pool they called the Dog Bowl in '76), this book -and its predecessor- are like a dip in the Fountain of Youth; if you weren't, at least you'll get an unmistakeable gut feeling for what you missed. (And if your bookstore was too squeamish to order the book because of the title, call 800-655-4897.)

Susan Kelly