November 2007


Glen E. Friedman’s Keep Your Eyes Open

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Pointin’ and shootin’ his lens since the days of Dogtown, Glen E. Friedman has always believed in the power of his subjects. “I thought it would make the world a better place if people could be inspired by what I was seeing, and what was inspiring me,” he says. Publishing his first photograph at the age of 14, Friedman’s childhood and adolescence was spent navigating between both coasts, capturing the early days of hip hop heavyweights such as Run DMC, Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys, along with punk icons Bad Brains, Black Flag and The Dead Kennedys. But there was always one band that beckoned to be documented time and time again: D.C. legends Fugazi. Their DIY aesthetic, undying passion for their music and respect for their fans has made them one of the most influential post-hardcore bands to rise from the ashes of a scene that was trampled by the commercialization of punk rock. Keep Your Eyes Open is Friedman’s heartfelt collection of photographs documenting Fugazi’s beginnings in 1987 and the 20 years that followed. Scheduled for release on September 3 on the anniversary of the band’s first gig, Glen’s book takes viewers through two decades of shows, memorable moments and the powerful music that kept Fugazi at the top despite never giving in to big business. To Glen and many others, Fugazi is the only band that mattered then, and although on hiatus since 2002, they continue to hold it down to this day.

– Laura Marcus