Following on from our successful exhibition with ATP in London during 2014 / 2015, we plan to once again join forces for this worldwide project with the same DIY ethic as the MY RULES, Covent Garden full building exhibition.

The first Burning Flags Tour exhibition in Barcelona early in the summer of 2022 was an incredible success! Inspiring and energizing, over 7,000 people came through with NO entry fee!

Primary sourcing revenue from the public, via these poster print sales, keeps the integrity of the show at a premium. Plans for the exhibition to travel to Paris, the Netherlands, Lisbon, Rome, Tokyo, Melbourne, Los Angeles and New York City, are diligently being pursued in unique respectful venues, over the next few years. 

Over 50 prints, five murals, and six audio recordings to accompany photos of Ian MacKaye, Ice-T, Lance Mountain, Jello Biafra, ChuckD., Alan “Ollie” Gelfand and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels reading their essays from the MY RULES book!

The space was open every day 11am- 8pm From May 26th 2022 and stayed open for over a month (adding a couple of weeks due to popular demand!)

Books, postcards, free program booklets (while they last), and show supporting poster prints were available for purchase or order (once out of stock).

The appreciation and respect shown at the opening and the days since, was overwhelming. Thank you!

It’s always about inspiring, and the goal seemed to be achieved thoroughly by all those in attendance.

We hope the next stops will be Paris, Lisbon &  somewhere in Holland. 

Contact @azureves for more production information.