Future Shows / Exhibitions / Appearances

The premier MY RULES exhibition opened in London 21 November 2014 and closed 18 January 2015.
It was great, and we can’t wait to bring you information on it’s next location.


click HERE to get more info on that premier MY RULES exhibition

Also high on the agenda for the coming year is to see the MY RULES exhibition travel around the world.
We will post updates of cities and any other info as soon as we have it

We’re always looking for new places to bring the exhibitions. Over the years it’s traveled, it has been due to the undying perseverance and hustle of respectful people in the various cities around the globe, who have an understanding of the values, sensibility and aesthetic of the work, that made it happen, and continue to do so. We are indebted to all those who have helped along the way as they have, and look forward to meeting more people in more places to spread further inspiration.