JUST A MINOR THREAT book coming this fall

The Minor Threat Photographs of Glen E. Friedman

This collection includes GEF’s most iconic images of Minor Threat, as well as many never-before-seen photographs of the band. The book will officially be released October 3rd 2023.

Just a Minor Threat is a book of Glen E. Friedman’s most outstanding photographs of the Washington, DC, band Minor Threat, one of the most influential hardcore punk bands in music history. While the book offers Friedman’s best-known photographs of the band, most of the pictures in this volume, shot in 1982 and ’83, have never been seen before.

The book has words contributed by Zack de la Rocha, Jello Biafra, Ian F. Svenonius, Alec MacKaye, and Jamie Shanahan. Friedman’s own introduction explains how he initially met the band, how and where the photographs here were made, and the lifelong friendships that grew from there.

The first time Friedman made pictures of Minor Threat was in Southern California early in the summer of 1982, then later on their home turf of Washington, DC. At the end of that same year, he shot them at an “explosive and uncontrollable” performance at CBGB in New York City. In addition to these, Just a Minor Threat also comprises very rare candid and posed photos of the band, including many from the same roll as the now classic “Salad Days” image on the front steps of their “Dischord House.”

In the summer of 2022 GEF was asked about what book he was thinking of doing next, he told the well respected friend his options, the friend  insisted he only had once choice and that Minor Threat was it! Glen made some calls to see if this was OK with all the folks involved (band and book publishers), and as they say “The rest is history”….

Glen made only around 200 photographs of Minor Threat, less than 6 full rolls of B&W film in total, over a year and a few months, 140 of the images will appear in this book.

There will be essays from Ian F. Svenonius and Zack de la Rocha about Minor Threat, a short introduction from me, and words from other band members on the shows seen in the book they also played at, Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, Alec MacKaye of the Faith, and Jamie Shanahan of the Mob.

Honestly the book is looking way better than ever imagined. Lots of images you’ve never seen and all of the classics you have. It’s chaotic and awesome, and different from any of the other books he’s made, (other than it’s cover trim size which is the same as the Fugazi, Black Flag and Together Forever books – they will all sit on the shelf perfectly side by side)

As of this writing end of January 2023, We are still early in the process, test proofing some photos for superior print quality, getting ready for the printing press, but the page layouts and design are done! it’s going to be incredible.

The book can be pre-ordered directly from the publisher HERE.

With the options either signed by the author or 25% discount.