what I see – the BLACK FLAG photographs – OUT NOW!

“Lively, lavishly assembled collection of Black Flag photos… fury is palpable throughout the book — even rehearsals look like barnburners.” – Los Angeles Times

This latest book, What I See: The Black Flag Photographs of Glen E. Friedman is an incredible compilation of all of Friedman’s most iconic and recognizable images (from 1980 to 1983), of this seminal punk band. Jam packed 256 pages with at least 75% never-before-seen photographs made during those phenomenal peak years in the group’s history.

The book includes a foreword by Chuck Dukowski, a cofounder and bass player of Black Flag. Friedman’s own 8,000 word introduction to the book takes readers through his journey with the group, from the very first time he heard their music, to his perspectives on the music of the era, to the how, why, and what Black Flag was doing at the time. His words provide additional context to the imagery, explaining what drove him to create his art alongside the band.

From the streets around Black Flag’s single-room home base/office, rehearsing for their first album, handing out flyers, wheat-pasting posters, driving for hours to a show and returning the same night, house parties, clubs, to the big stage and the beach, Glen E. Friedman was there with his heart, soul, and most importantly his camera. In What I See, he shares with us and inspires us with these images that were made over an incredibly volatile four-year time span.

This book was officially released April 5th. there were multiple signing events in Los Angeles on March 26th and 27th also in New York on April 1st. You can also order the book direct from the publisher and get one signed!