Capturing A Culture from ARTÉ TV Creative (France)

Glen E. Friedman was included in an incredible series about photographers and their inspiring work.


In April of 2016 Arté TV France presented this new series “Capturing A Culture”

A documentary series by Marc-Aurèle Vecchione.
A Resistance Films production – Sara Brucker


Capturing a Culture looks back at groundbreaking countercultures through the eyes of the photographers who captured their essence and showcased their rebellious spirit. A 13-part series of 6 to 8 minute films – with Glen E. Friedman, Danny Lyon, Janette Beckman, Henry Chalfant and Gavin Watson.

The episodes on G.E.F. were the first three in the series. We have embedded them here with the text they provided.


Radical skateboarding captured by Glen E Friedman

In 1975, 14-year-old Glen E. Friedman spends his days crisscrossing the streets of Los Angeles on his skateboard, his Kodak Instamatic dangling from his wrist. From the schoolyards in Dogtown to the empty swimming pools in Beverly Hills, with his band of buddies known as the Z-Boys, he unwittingly photographs the birth and development of the modern skating movement.


Punk rock attitude captured by Glen E Friedman

In the early 1980s, from Los Angeles to New York, in sweat-soaked concert halls, in wild mosh pits amid ear-shattering decibels, Glen E. Friedman captures the new music that perflectly reflects his own life. Aggressive yet keenly aware, hardcore punk becomes the new soundtrack of young people in open revolt.


Conscious rap VS Gangsta rap captured by Glen E Friedman

In the late 1980s, driven on by the Def Jam label, the Hip Hop tsunami washes over America. Public Enemy, Run DMC, the Beastie Boys… all of Rap’s future heavyweights will file in front of Glen’s camera. His mythic photographs and cult album cover shots help craft the movement’s unique esthetic.


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